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Alaskan Bush People Non-Fan Fiction

Alaskan Bush People meet Chuck Norris

As a non-fan of the shitshow known as Alaskan Bullshit People, I was getting sickened by the slew of middle-aged women writing fan fiction about meeting the Brownklown Boyz and doing unspeakable… ummmm… sexy things with them. That was the inspiration to create something written from a non-fan point of … Continue reading

Book Review: One Wave At A Time By Billy Brown

Don’t bother looking for this book, unless you need toilet paper. One of my friends in the Facebook group Alaskan Bush People Exposed, Georgie Eggleston, had one hell of a time finding a copy. After weeks of trying, she finally got a library to have a copy shipped in. Let’s … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Movie Starring Noah

Alaskan Bush People Movie

Oh boy! Here’s another direct-to-video piece of crap that’s sure to disappoint! Alaskan Bush People Village Idiot DuhVinciNoah has found a creative outlet for his Tai-Cheesey in the remake of The Karate Kid (aptly named The Karate Kid-iot).  Remember… He studied under Martial Arts Master Bruce Lee…bowitz. See if you … Continue reading

Just How ‘Bush’ Are The Alaskan Bush People

Noah Brown and his girlfriend

In the ‘off season’, the fans of this shitshow have been drooling all over themselves waiting to hear a broadcast date for the next season of these phonies. It hasn’t happened yet, but all the news that’s been reported around the web, with picture proof, paints a glorious story of … Continue reading

More Bullshit Coming Next Season On Alaskan Bush People

A cow arrives in Browntown for the new season of Alaskan Bush People

Rumors and facts are coming in regarding the new season of our favorite totally bullshit ‘reality’ show from the Discovery Network. It’s called that because after you watch their shows you ‘Discover’ they’re totally fake. Numerous Facebook group members have posted pictures from locals showing that a cow is being … Continue reading

Seems like the Alaskan Bush People don’t like paying for their crimes

Alaskan Bush People - Noah is Einstein and Tesla

SPECIAL NOTICE: I’ve heard there are morons that support this shit-show that have said the Photoshopped mugshot that is used as the Featured Image for this article should be taken down if it’s not real! Are you fucking kidding me? Well, if you’re that mentally deficient to where you think … Continue reading