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Democrats Unveil Easy-To-Use Personality Chart

Puffington Host

The People’s Democratic Party today unveiled it’s new and improved Opposing Personality color chart

This new chart will enable Snowflakes to automatically win any argument with Rethuglikan’s if they conform to certain standards outlined on the chart.”We made it very easy,” stated Komrade Debbie Wasteofspace Schultz, “In fact, it’s so easy, a public high school graduate can figure it out!”

The new chart is designed so that when Snowflakes are confronted, offended, or otherwise damaged by an opposing viewpoint, they can quickly identify if the person who made the hurtful comments is a racist or not.

“If our Komrade’s can identify a racist in one easy step, they automatically win the argument and don’t have to waste time responding with factual data… Which they most likely don’t have.”

The new color charts will be distributed in the same envelope as EBT cards, welfare checks, and newstands inside Medical Marijuana dispensaries.

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