Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap: S12 E8 – ‘Faith and Fury’

Without a doubt, this has been a strange year. With the possible impeachment of a president, a pandemic that has forced us to change our lives drastically, infected millions and caused massive deaths, wearing masks, limiting travel and social distancing, schools closed, businesses on the brink of failure, sports all but reduced to a joke, protests on the streets, political shitstorms, nature gone wild with hurricanes and unprecedented wildfires raging across the western states, I think we were all enthralled with the opportunity to have some new entertainment from the Brown family with a new season to watch. As Maximus said in the arena, in the movie ‘Gladiator’, “Are you not entertained?” And yes, we were…

The season began with the approaching wedding of our favorite character, Bear, and the love of his life, Raiven. We got to see the ostrich pummel Gabe with the intensity of a heavyweight champ in prime form. Bird has successfully reduced herself to the comic sidekick of a family already in the throes of idiotic behavior and ludicrous scenarios. Noah has shown us that without a doubt, geniuses are not created in the bush. Bam is content to sit on the sidelines anxiously waiting for any opportunity to belittle and throw scorn on his fellow siblings, while Billy and Ami are fine with sitting around campfires and film sets throwing out ‘bush’ wisdom that makes little sense. Rain is the seemingly pretty face who is added in to sound concern about her sisters mental state, when she is not busy defrosting her makeup and supporting the groups feeble attempts to look sane. The ‘other’ brother is lost in the ostensibly grey haze of alcohol intoxication and ‘has been’ status.

Gabe had a new baby with his hardly ever seen wife Raquell, which was a sweet, but very short look into his personal life. Bear’s big event came and went, when either Raiven bolted the insanity of a tree climbing, howling, ‘extreme’ shouting imbecile, or he got cold feet and ran away from home in a fit. It was never really explained, and we never really cared. The house that was to be the cornerstone of the cult’s enclave was built, in slow motion, as the battle over the elements seemed to thwart every move they made to construct it. And to add even more drama to the show, Bear announced that he is about to become a father with his now missing ‘bride to wanna be’.

And then there was the wild fire that tore at the mountain in a fury, which affected their homestead and the surrounding area.

Writing recaps of this show is easy, you watch the program and then type in your thoughts. Their antics, on and off screen, were fantastically fertile fields for parody, satire, and the stuff that make sites like this popular. But when the fire struck, we here at Railing Kill were left with the choice of which direction to take in this series final recap. Beavis and I talked at length about how to approach this delicate subject matter. We are not heartless goons looking to make fun of anyone’s misery and heartbreak. There is nothing funny about the tragedy of a fire destroying lives, property and dreams. We even questioned the production’s direction of including the fire in the show’s timeline, but realized that many people, who actually are devout fans of this show, were interested in the outcome of a bush family, once again battling the forces of nature. So be it.

With all that, our decision was to leave the recap with the information that there was a fire, and that is it. We leave it up to the readers to comment on the show and voice their own opinions, good or bad.

Finally, we wish the best for the folks in the affected areas of the fires to overcome the immense difficulties, and ruins, left in the fire’s wake. We sincerely offer our condolences to the families who lost loved ones and those injured in the fires. We also honor the heroes battling the fire for days on end, and are thankful for the many fine individuals who immediately gathered to assist in the areas to help. I believe that without them, the outcome could have been much worse.

Will there be another season? We will see… Will the Browns continue on to rebuild their dreams on the Washington mountaintop, or maybe pack it in for another adventure elsewhere? Maybe next up is the ‘Delaware River People’, or the ‘Kansas City Suburban People’. If money is to be made producing these shows, I am sure that there will be further endeavors to satisfy the viewers interest, and the advertisers who gladly promote this world of reality shows which have now become our entertainment. What does that say about us?

Personally, I would like to thank Railing Kill and Beavis for the opportunity to express my views on this site. Also, thanks to all my friends who comment and contribute to my writings, without your support, my writings would be the anonymous scribblings of a disgruntled author. So for now, I log out, sit back, and try to enjoy the amusements that constitute my life here, in the greatest country on earth.

More or less….

NOTE: Episode Recaps are meant as parody, satire, and humor and are for entertainment purposes only. Statements and claims in these posts are not necessarily considered facts or real information. The claims made are from watching this silly show and represent my opinion and my opinion only. I am not trying to profit from this site or its contents. Using my articles in any way that is not intended is your problem and not mine. Read at your own risk. Ask your doctor or pharmacist. Parental guidance advised. Always read the label. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. Do not stamp. Breaking seal constitutes acceptance of agreement. Use only in well-ventilated area. Not for resale. Hand wash only. Keep away from sunlight. For a limited time only, or forever, whichever comes first. No preservatives or additives. Keep away from pets and small children. Safety goggles required during use. If rash, irritation, redness, rage, madness, psychopathic behavior or swelling develops, discontinue use. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate. Please remain seated until the web page has come to a complete stop. Must be 18 years or older, unless you are younger. Repeat as necessary. Do not look directly into light. Avoid extreme temperatures. Store in a cool dry place. No salt, MSG, artificial colouring or flavoring added. Reproduction strictly prohibited, unless you have my permission, which you do. Pregnant women, the elderly, and children should avoid prolonged exposure to this product. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Do not use if safety seal is broken. Take only as directed

9 thoughts on “Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap: S12 E8 – ‘Faith and Fury’

  1. Awesome recap, R.O.! I will miss your wit and sarcasm (and parodies, my fave) which made me double over with laughter, and God knows we need a hell of a lot laughs right now! 😉 What will you be doing now?? Please let me know, so I can follow your work. Gonna miss you on here!! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors, Rock On! =)

    1. Thanks for the comment Sue ! If there is another season, I will probably still write recaps. If I move on to another subject ( if the series is discontinued), I will keep you informed. There is so much out there to write snark about.

      Actually I have many interests, and write often about other unrelated stuff, just not snarky stuff like I do here. Mainly specific articles that interest me. And using my true identity…. haha

  2. What happened to Noah’s Ark? Why didn’t they evacuate the animals in that? Why didn’t we get to see the extent of the fire damage? So many questions…

    1. Thanks for the comment Jan ! Who knows what happened to the Ark? Honestly I had never even thought of that. To be honest (again), once I saw that this episode was about the fire and a bunch of flashbacks, I just fast forwarded through the flashbacks and since I wasn’t going to recap the fire, watched that part and dismissed the whole episode as an interesting look into the Browns dealing with a tragedy…

  3. It seemed 1. nobody was wearing face masks, and 2. it seemed like they made it up that road awfully fast for the last time?? maybe?

    1. Thanks for the comment Cheri ! Yeah, didn’t see any masks… The road that was impossible to transverse without the maximum amount of difficulty, was now easy to drive on. The magic of television and reality shows !

  4. For anyone looking for a recap of this episode, although they are less funny, TV Insider has one. TVI says the authorities have said the fire was human caused but have released no details. I personally think that the amount of stunts, equipment and people of the blatantly fraudulent pigslop crew and cast would be a huge fire risk whether they caused it or not. Bore seems like a risk all by himself! Colorado, and eventually AK, certainly made the right decision if they had any part in getting this band of brigands out of their state(s). WA is a pretty whacky place at least in the larger cities(esp in 2020) and in most places the rural outlying and remote areas are much more sensible, seems like money overrode that here. I hope they come to their senses about this circus.
    I’m guessing, sadly, they will come back next season if there are not any problems with the fire and all, they have the whole bizarre raiv3n/bore story line now afaik from the publicity stunts, and of course the whole “rebuilding” saga can just now take place there, yawn. I’m still watching the AK ones(yes I’m ashamed of myself) with the great coastal AK photography and characters, but from what I’ve seen this season I’m not going to waste anymore time with any other WA seasons. Anyways thanks for the hilarious recaps!

  5. Thanks John for the comments ! I am holding off any assumptions about the cause of the fires, if it is proven somehow that they are responsible, I will certainly lampoon them for that.

    I think the writers are capable of going any direction that leads to us watching them play act their little scenarios out, pretending that they live in some wild or bush outback… We will see.

  6. the series is being run with old episodes on Animal Planet.
    Shitstar Ranch will live on forever, on various cable channels.
    And the Brownclowns will collect residuals forever and a day.
    And Billy the scammer and his accomplice Ami, will go to their graves, smiling.
    Scammers really like to get over on people. They have no sense of shame nor remorse.

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