ABP Stars Plead Guilty To Fraud And Theft

Say it ain’t so! It seems two of the Brownklownz (BullshitBilly and Bum) have entered a ‘guilty’ plea to misdemeanor fraud charges for claiming residency in Alaska from 2009-2012.

The hearing was originally schedule for January 8th but was apparently moved up when they decided to attempt a plea deal.

Alaskan Bush People - Billy sadBut wait, it gets even better… BullshitBilly didn’t appear in court in person, he called in from Seattle! Wait, I thought these were real bush people that lived on the island where Discoverup bought the land and paid a Ketchikan construction company to build their cabin?? If he wasn’t there in person, how was he going to make his sad puppy-dog face in order to get sympathy?

As part of a proposed plea deal, the two Browns would serve two years on probation, pay back thousands of dollars in dividends and each complete 40 hours of community service, which the judge said cannot be filmed. I’m sure BullshitBilly will slip into a community service avoidance coma.

If the judge does accept the plea deal, prosecutors will drop all charges against SpotlessAmi, ExtermeBore, Wolverine, and DuhVinciNoah. However, they will still each need to pay back nearly $3,000 in dividends and complete 20 hours of community service.

BullshitBilly must pay back $7,956 while Bum has to pay $1,174. Discoverup and ParkSlop will air a special telethon in their honor to help this poor, hard-working, honest family.

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