Alaskan Bush People Become Hawaiian Bush People

Alaskan Bush People - Cast members

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It seems our favorite bush people are living large outside the bush. They were recently spotted in a mall in Maui, Hawaii. Wait… Isn’t this the week that Ami’s mom is coming for a visit to Hoonah? Wow, great family values on display by this group of ‘bush people’.


AcidRain (Merry Hanukkah Who Cares Jingleheimer-Schmidt) looks like she’s already partaken in some Maui-Waui. I wonder what DuhVinciNoah will invent with coconuts?

Apparently there’s more Brownklownz than pictured:


This brings up a couple of questions… Did SpotlessAmi and BullshitBilly stay in Alaska to meet her mother? I find it hard to believe that two incredibly selfish parents like them would let the kids out of their site and not leave 4 or 5 behind to do the work and provide things for them on a 24/7 basis.

The phony bullshit goes on and on… More to come.


Thanks to the Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page, there’s this addition:


Maybe ParkSlop will film them and make another ‘Fish-out-of-water’ episode like they did when the Brownklownz went to Kaliforny!

Alaskan Bush People in hawaii

More Brownklownery. Man, they’ve been there over a week. How can these poor, simple bush people survive that long in a big city? And the cost? It’s as if they’re not as poor as they want gullible TV viewers to believe!


Look closely and you’ll see that AcidRain has a cool iPhone and ExtremeBore has an EXTREME Apple Watch!


I think Picard sums it up best:

Captain Picard can't nelieve Alaskan Bush People is still on the air!


15 thoughts on “Alaskan Bush People Become Hawaiian Bush People

  1. Good grief people. Every family in history that could took a week’s vacation. This is a working family and a very wore out group of people. Give them a break. Would you not take a few days away from a place like that. You gotta remember they are grown and not children and if they want to take a few days off they can. Even factories and mills and businesses and churches give their employees two weeks a year off and some even three. Get real, this a nation and world of travel and getting away from the normal grind and they deserve to also. Wake up and smell the beautiful flowers of Hawaii already.

    1. Please! They go to the dumpyard to furnish Browntown because they are so poor, but they can afford to go to Hawaii? No, not “every” family that works HARD can afford a trip to Hawaii for 9 people! Regular families also do not punch punch out salmon to pay the dentist. They pay the dentist with fish and then trot off to Hawaii.

      1. Remember the beginning of season two? How they suffered because they were trapped in a metropolis? (actually a fishing village) And how each of the nine grifters whined about being trapped, and how they cheered when they escaped on the boats?
        The were, after all, born wild, and raised in the Alaskan bush, off the grid, in a one room cabin. Or they were raised on fishing boats. (the story changed over time.)
        So if they suffered spending time in a fishing village, why would they vacation in the leper colony? and what did they barter to cover the costs of the trip?
        Keep the Brownclowns on the air! Hillary might lose the election, and we need grifters to watch, in case of that.

  2. But… But… they’re ‘bush’? They hate big cities and are afraid of leaving Browntown! They spent the fall in San Diego and Seattle, now summering in Hawaii. The Kardashians are a flannel shirt away from being more bush than these grifters.

  3. Good grief! These bush weirdos make me sick! I can’t stop watching the show either because I just cannot get over the dramatics. Every fkn episode something stupid goes on and forces me to keep watching! What is the appeal?! I’m stumped…I mean none of the other Alaskan survival shows I watch have weirdos like this! Again….they make me sick!!

  4. Hope they carry on with this cause its funny while that’s not what their going for.
    More parody than reality. ABP is like a dirty secret, wouldn’t admit I watch it but can’t help myself, just to take the mick.
    These catch ups deserve some credit for this. Thank you, always funny and point out the sheer BS of it all.

  5. Damn it! You have single-handedly crushed my favorite of the 136 Alaska shows. Guess I’ll have to switch to Housewives of Alaska as soon as it starts airing.(cause ya know it’s coming)

  6. Ok, i have to admit I watch every week although my wife laughs at me. Lol. At first I thought it may be legit but as the show goes on it’s pretty obvious it’s BS. How do they pay for all the firearms, ammo and leather jackets, which none of are cheap? Rain is a typical 14 year old and into fashion as you can tell but how can they afford it?

    Well, if they’re paying the dentist with fish they are wayyyyy behind on payments. ever noticed that they all have filthy teeth and Bird’s grill is totally messed up?

    Also, when is Billy going to smack Bear upside the head for being a tool. He’s always destroying something or swinging a rifle around like it’s a toy. Time for some ADHD meds!

    Then there’s Noah. When is the family going to admit he’s Aspergers and get him the care he needs. How he tries to be Renaissance but his handwritting looks like a 4th graders and he adds an “a” at the end of every sentence. Trust me; I have an autistic son.

    Matt went to rehab for alcohol. It’s sad and it happens to the best of people. But he said he would get tanked in town. How often was he There? If they have no money, how did he afford the gas back and forth, not to mention paying for the drinks. Dud he come home later? How did they not notice he was tanked or hungover?

    Ever notice how Ami always talks of the boys have kids but never her daughters?

    I could go on and on. But at least it’s better than watching the other crap that’s on tv. Lol

  7. In case people didn’t know by know, it is scripted. I’m sure they were doing there thing before the cameras got involved, but now it’s mainly just for the show.

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