Alaskan Bush People Leave The Bush For Colorado And The Southwest

Alaskan Bush People traveling in Colorado

Thanks to Alaskan Bush People Exposed and other Facebook groups (and Google images),  it seems that the Brownklownz are on the move. What about all that talk about winter and the cow and getting stuff done so they could survive the winter? Oh yeah, it’s all bullshit.

First, it’s been reported by many sources that the Brownklownz have been in Colorado since mid-December. Bum has been seen in South Carolina and Mutt went to New York City the day before New Years Eve!

Alaskan Bush People traveling in Colorado

The two pictures on the right were purportedly taken at local Colorado WalMart’s. In the upper left is Bum in South Carolina and bottom left is the Brownklownz getting Wolverine’s braces checked.

I guess for the Brownklownz, preparing for winter means making plans on Travelocity! Seems they live everywhere else EXCEPT the bush!

Alaskan Bush People in New MexicoUPDATE: Brownklownz are on the move. They’ve been spotted at a truck stop in New Mexico! Who knows what they’re final destination will be. I can tell you this, it won’t be the f%@!ing bush!

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Seems they checked into the Bush… I mean Bellagio in Las Vegas. Which sadly means I can no longer stay at the Bellagio.

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