Alaskan Bush People Living Large In Beverly Hills

For all the short-bus riding, helmet wearing, window licking fans of this shitshow that think this poor family needs their help, take a look at this! Thanks to Social Media, online groups and forums, and some not-so-bright Brown’s, we see that they are living it up in style at the Beverly Hills Hotel (about $1400 a night) and getting expensive spa treatments. What about their mother in her time of need? Screw that, this hotel has a BUFFET! See more on twitter (Y’know, that thing they never heard of because they lived wild in the bush and were only recently discovered :))

Speaking of NoDuh at the zoo, get ready for the new Browntown!

Many MANY thanks to the online groups and pages devoted to exposing these assholes. Without them I wouldn’t know where to look for these images! 🙂

Alaskan Bush People - Beverly Hillbillies waving


One thought on “Alaskan Bush People Living Large In Beverly Hills

  1. Bunch of dumbasses, doing dumbass things, trying to convince other dumbasses that they are sincere and need help in the darnedest way….

    What a bunch of dumbasses all the way around…

    ?? ??

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