Alaskan Bush People Spend Harsh Alaskan Winter In… Phoenix?

Alaskan Bush People don't live in Browntown

Well, part of it at least.

I know fans of this shitshow will lecture me about how their favorite lovable band of phony ‘bush’ people deserve a vacation now and then and enjoy their new found minimalist success, but let’s point out something about their ‘vacation’: They have been away from the ‘bush’ for more than just a vacation. Season after season you see proof that these phonies spend the harsh Alaskan winter, which they spend all TV season preparing for, in more hospitable climates.

This year it’s been amazingly in-your-face just how full of shit this show is. All last season (and EVERY season for that matter) the thing they constantly beat into their helmet wearing fans’ heads is that they need to prepare for winter! Hunting, fishing, building a smokehouse, building a meat-shed, putting up the bullshit wind turbine… All to convey the idea that this group of bullshit artists are poor, destitute, and rely on the good Lord, hard work,  and Mother Nature (and gullible fan donations) to make it through the horribly harsh, barely survivable Alaskan winter!

Then, we find out that they haven’t been anywhere NEAR Brownklowntown, or Alaska, since November! Online fan posts show their travels this year have taken them all over the lower 48. Some are in Colorado, some are in New York, NoDuh, his beard, and Wolverine were in Vegas, Bum and his near-wife Allison attended the Women’s March in Los Angeles, and now they’ve tainted my hometown of Phoenix. It’s clear that the only way the Brownklownz prepare for the Alaskan winter is by clicking on Travelocity!

If they were just gallivanting from place to place for say, I don’t know… maybe a month, that’s one thing. But to be gone EVERY winter for several months at a time, well, that’s not a vacation that’s a lifestyle. Last year, BullshitBilly and his chuds went to Hawaii and San Diego. Oh, those harsh Alaskan winters are easy to survive when you’re nowhere near it!

So the next time you watch this insult to human intelligence and hear them whine and complain about how harsh the Alaskan winter’s are and how much hard work goes into preparing for it, just remember it’s all bullshit and they’re fine… In places like Phoenix.

Alaskan Bush People in Phoenix

Alaskan Bush People in Colorado
March 20, 2017 – Wolverine has Herpes simplex-D… For DUMB!

Alaskan Bush People in Phoenix

9 thoughts on “Alaskan Bush People Spend Harsh Alaskan Winter In… Phoenix?

    1. Well, based on the mention in the Instagram posts (the second image) if you scroll down in the comments they mention Drury Inn’s and North Phoenix. There’s only one in North Phoenix (around Norterra) so if I had to guess I’d put my money on that. Google up Drury in phoenix and you’ll see it.

  1. So the ABP are faking it some more ? But what about their windmill, and the darling cow ? Who is taking care of the cabin and protecting Bear’s treehouse from the ever present dangerous wildlife roaming around their cult headquarters ? Is the Integrity still afloat ? Are Ami’s dentures fitting her mouth OK ? Has Noah got his Phd from the University of Kenny ?

    My mind reels at the prospect that I have been lied to by the Discovery channel, I demand answers, another season of ABP to settle this once and for all !!!


    1. NICE lol

      There’s rumblings on the FaceBook groups about them returning to Hoonah then there’s some that say ParkSlop offices are still empty?!?!? I too am waiting to see how this family took care of things all winter while not being anywhere near there 🙂

  2. I hope the IRS is on their butts.
    Bartering is subject to federal income taxes. II thought you people might want to know that.
    But – much of their ‘bartering’ is as fake as their ‘browntown’ set, so they may not have a problem.
    (Although bartering wild game is, I’m told, illegal in Alaska.)

  3. I grew up on Alaskan bush FAA Stations(1957-1972). We lived in Kotzebue, Yakutat (my favorite), Talkeetna, Cape Yakataga,and Cordova.The part of Alaska where “Browntown” is located has very mild winters. The show is totally bogus. Many of my neighbors were unusual and from all over the world, but none of them were like that.

  4. How is it fake when their putting it right out their that their in PHONIX? If this was a perfect world nobody would be in it. How fake is your world?

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