Bam Brown And Alleged Wife Allison Vacationing In Colorado

… And they’re apparently there with the rest of the worthless Brownklownz. I guess all that talk about preparing for winter was just a bunch of bullshit filmed in the summer before going back to their real home in the lower 48. Hopefully DuhVinciNoah remembered to set his bear alarm before they left the filming location.

From what I’ve read on other boards, she has a child already. I wonder if BullshitBilly and Blami will think of her kid as their grandchild? I guess if it means another PFD fund recipient and welfare dependent then I’m sure they will welcome them with open arms.

Great catch, Allison. I’m sure being married to an unemployed, unskilled, uneducated man-child with anger issues will be awesome! Are you guys going to live in the tire house, the Saran-wrap house, or the chicken coop house? Who am I kidding… You’ll live with the rest of the Brownklownz in Seattle!

December 14th – Photo courtesy of Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page (

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