Billy and Ami hint at “Secret Daughter”

scamming101-3No, they’re not talking about the laughably effeminate DuhVinciNoah. Apparently after all of the flack and exposure about how completely bullshit the show is and sites that have exposed the truth about these lazy, aging hippies and their slurred-speech chuds, Discoverup and ParkSlop decided they would have to come clean about the darker side of the Brownklownz. Of course they’ll present it in a way that portrays the Brownklownz as ‘innocent victims’ of evil people.

We saw it already  in the first episode of this season where BullshitBilly blamed the gubmint for his legal troubles. He claimed that he didn’t keep receipts to show he lived in Alaska for the required six months. That wasn’t the issue. The gubmint had proof that he was in the lower 48 for most of that year traveling in a broken down RV with his slurred-speech chuds hocking his bullshit book “One Scam At A Time.”

He obviously doesn’t understand it has nothing to do with ‘receipts’ showing he lived in Alaska, but rather the evidence they have that he was in the lower 48 for a long time. But then again I’m not surprised a man in his 60’s that is broke, has nothing of value, and has never been able to provide a decent life for his family but insists they circle the drain of despair and misery along with him doesn’t understand much of anything.

Alaskan Bush People - Victim CardIt’s well known and documented that BullshitBilly was married before meeting SpotlessAmi and that he had a daughter that for some reason he ignored for her entire life. Some of the ‘Coming up this season” teasers have hinted that his long lost daughter will re-unite with BullshitBilly and hopefully demand some of the money he makes from this show to make up for his apparent absence in her life (financially and emotionally). Although if you ask me she got the better end of the deal. She didn’t end up like the rest of the damaged Brownklown Kidz.

Check back for my new season episode recaps! In the meantime, check out these previous season recaps. Enjoy!

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