Brown Family “Hero” Sheriff Not What He Seems

Credit to the Facebook group Alaskan Bush People Exposed for researching and allowing me to reprint their findings here.

Oh you Brownklownz… Is there no end to your bullshit stories and claims to fame? Do you realize that most people weren’t home-skooled by a penniless grifter and a dead-behind-the-eyes high school dropout and are able to perform basic research to uncover your den of lies? Case in point, the family “hero” Texas sheriff M.K. Brownie Brown.

Back in December, 2016, during the first “Bullshit Christmas” Special, we learned about the family legend from Scami:

Scami spins a tale of Brownklown history as she talks about BullshitBilly’s grandfather being a sheriff that was asked to be part of the Bonnie and Clyde ambush team, but he declined. He said he didn’t believe in ‘ambushes’.  Being a Brown he probably didn’t believe in WORK. I’m sure it’s phony, just like the rest of the Brownklown ‘stories’.

As with anything that comes out of their mouths, it’s total bullshit. The famous ambush of Bonnie and Clyde happened in 1934. However, a newspaper article from 1927 says that he was “until recently” a deputy in the Sheriff’s department. The interesting thing about these news articles isn’t the date or even the fact he was never a sheriff, it’s the fact that he has been arrested and charged with numerous crimes. Big surprise.

There are a few other articles that chronicle the rich nefarious history of the Brownklown’z famous lawman, but I guess none of the Brownklown chuds can be bothered to do any research before spouting a bunch of lies.

NoDuh even sent out a birthday greeting to the felonious Brownklown ancestor. I guess he’s going out of his way to show how ‘qualified’ he is to be sheriff since someone a long time ago in his family managed to be a deputy for a short time before being let go because of various crimes.

So what now for America’s favorite vertically-challenged, spur wearing self proclaimed genius? I would start with finding a new role model.

Here are more newspaper clippings documenting “Brownie” Brown’s numerous brushes with the law:

Brown ancestor charged with crime

3 thoughts on “Brown Family “Hero” Sheriff Not What He Seems

  1. Beavis,
    That was very interesting. The old newspaper clippings sealed the deal that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…. Noah will next want to be an actor and Ami will tell anyone who will listen (read: no one) about John Wilkes Brown, the famous 1860’s stage star in Washington DC…

    Their whole family tree is probably made up of idiots who totally f**ked up other peoples good intentions, like Horace Brown, who gave Wilbur Wright the flu and delayed the invention of the airplane by 6 years… or Ezekiel Brown, who broke Thomas Edison’s first real working lightbulb while sweeping up his shop as the janitor, and Edison had to spent another 2 years trying to duplicate the bulb…

    He said he didn’t believe in ‘ambushes’. Being a Brown he probably didn’t believe in WORK. …loved that line

    Thanks for the laugh of the day….

    1. John Wilkes Brown – I’ll have to remember that one 🙂

      That Facebook group has a good research department!

  2. Interesting, Beavis, but not surprising.
    Scammers, like the Brownklowns, manufacture their own realities. It is a fundamental part of being a scammer.
    I suspect that Billy takes some pleasure in reading about his dishonesty. He created a rough outline for Parkslop and Discovery to use, and they have filled in the gaps with fake story lines, a fake ‘browntown, fake boat ownership and fake shipping business.
    The family of scammers has been paid a huge sum of money, in the one million dollar range over a 4 year period, I would guess.
    And they will use their celebrity status to make personal appearances at county fairs and the like.

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