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More Bullshit Coming Next Season On Alaskan Bush People

A cow arrives in Browntown for the new season of Alaskan Bush PeopleRumors and facts are coming in regarding the new season of our favorite totally bullshit ‘reality’ show from the Discovery Network. It’s called that because after you watch their shows you ‘Discover’ they’re totally fake.

Numerous Facebook group members have posted pictures from locals showing that a cow is being ferried into Browntown so they can pretend to be farmers. Good Lord. According to the Lynden Tribune, the cow that will be starring in the show can’t give any milk! The cow was returned to it’s owners after filming so what the hell are they going to do with a non-milk producing cow in Browntown? I’m sure Blami will use her bush skills and make some yummy butter just like she made her disgusting bile-jam last season.

Alaskan Bush People - Ami makes jelly and jam

Man, the bullshit just never ends with this shit-show. What next, the Harlem Globetrotters will show up followed by Wrong-Way Feldman?

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One Response to More Bullshit Coming Next Season On Alaskan Bush People

  1. lakerman1 says:

    This makes perfectly good sense. The brownclowns are going to bring one barren, dry cow and pretend to milk it. A cow in bear country – remember that Discovery keeps telling us how Chicagof Island has the most bears anywhere in the world – and the cow will be brunch for the bears.
    I am really looking forward to the new season – it can only get worse, and more insulting to the viewers. There must be something wrong with me.
    I can see Billy telling his daughters, ‘dadgum it, birdbrain and acidrain, just squeeze it harder and faster, just like with your brothers.’

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