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Over the last couple of months, online searches have revealed pictures of Bam Brown visiting New York with ParkSlope Producer Allison Kagan. It has been rumored that they are an item and judging by the photographs they certainly seem to be.


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This latest photo to surface online shows Bam with a ‘fan’ of the show (BELOW). Notice his ring finger! Numerous Facebook  posts put this photo at a Paul McCartney concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on August 7th! But according to other sources, locals have reported that all Brownklownz are back in Hoonah and ParkSlope is readying the filming location for another season of Alaskan Bullshit People. Maybe they didn’t notice he was missing?

Photo found on Tumblr.

Alaskan Bush People - Ami wants grandbabiesThe Brownklownz have had quite a bush summer… Seattle, Hawaii, New York… Hope all that big city livin’ hasn’t taken away any of his bush skills.

Any bets on how long it takes SpotlessAmi to ask her about grandbabies?

CLICK HERE to learn about Billy Brown’s books “One Wave At A Time” and “The Lost Years.”

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17 thoughts on “Is Bam Brown Married?

  1. The Good Lord will bless their union as they sleep where? a tree house? the slime shack? The mosquito infested old tires shed?
    There are those that would say the woman in question is an idiot. I say look who she works for.

  2. He calls her “Pebbles”, and she has been heard to say Bam, or BamBam, when speaking to him.Some sites have reported she is home schooling Bam, and no they mean real school, but grade school 3’rd grade. Another site reported this is a serious conflict between BamBam and Matt. Matt had the hots for her first, but Bam shot him out of the saddle. It bothered Matt so bad, he started drinking heavy, and could not stand to be at filming and see her and Bam touching each other. The Grandkids thing got started after Ma Brown told Matt to chill out and not spoil Bam being the fist to give her a Grandbaby. But, it has the faamily divided, literally, Pa Brown is on Matt’s side after seeing the producer woman kissing a camera man in front of a local bar after shooting that day. This show is turning into more of a soap opera, and all this could boost ratings.stay tuned for more hot gossip!

    1. Awesome thoughts, JG. If what you have reported is true then the ensuing soap opera would be a definite must see! Thanks for the info 🙂

    2. Thank god they are a strong family Bam will need them if she is using him…sucks this had to happen…I had no idea why Matt was drinking now I get it…an innocent family corrupted by the outside world…and if he only has a 3rd grade education it makes me wonder what this woman needs with Bam,Matt,or any of the Brown family

  3. Wow! Burst my bubble. Hey if Billy Brown was rich, where is all his money and what about his parents that died where is there money did it go to Billy?. Terrible they are making money off us people for there dishonest show. The Browns and Discovery should be sued for fraud.
    So wrong. I was really into the show but now NOT!.

    1. It’s a reality show you idiot, yes it’s all fake except for their stupidity. I live in Nome Alaska where they film Bering sea gold, most of that is real cuz they are out there in the sea working to get gold. But how much gold they find is fake along with the drama that goes on.

  4. Love the show. I was in hospital when I first saw it. I almost died, and for some reason this show gave me hope. People need to quit bad mouthing this family. It is wrong and even if some of this show is scripted, I love it and the family too. God Bless them all. I am 74 yrs old with no one, lost my only 2 brothers last year. This show and my beautiful Tessa (dog from Katrina, New Orleans) keep me alive.

  5. I love this show and I believe it is real,the day they revealed Amis illness was so sad I feel like I know these people by now. I actually cried when I saw that show ,so sad I’m praying that God will spare her . please give them my thoughts and prayers.thank you

    1. Thank you for the reply Karen. Her illness is certainly something serious and we also wish her the best. I just hope Bilky isn’t milking it for financial gain, which seems to be his MO

  6. I think the show is real but as any reality show the producers pick and show what scenes they want. This way they can lean the show the way they want too. As for Bam good for him if he is really married. As for only a 3rd grade level of learning, my goodness look at home knowledgeable they are on so many subjects. Am I had homeschooled them all.

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