Just How ‘Bush’ Are The Alaskan Bush People

Noah Brown and his girlfriend

In the ‘off season’, the fans of this shitshow have been drooling all over themselves waiting to hear a broadcast date for the next season of these phonies. It hasn’t happened yet, but all the news that’s been reported around the web, with picture proof, paints a glorious story of how our favorite charlatans spend their time in the “bush”.

A cow arrives in Browntown for the new season of Alaskan Bush People
A cow being brought in for filming

For years now we’ve been harping on this incredible lie of a bullshit show. We’ve done our best, with the help of numerous others throughout the web (see the end of this post), to expose this fraudulent representation that Discoverup insists on marketing as a ‘reality show’. Again, we know all ‘reality shows’ have a high level of scripting, but the way Discoverup and ParkSlop continue to take advantage of the gullible fans that actually believe these people do as they are portrayed is utterly disgraceful, especially given the crooked past of BullshitBilly and Blami and their lifelong web of lies and deceit. So, on to the summer fun!

So for all you lovers of Alaskan Bush People that watch every episode with your pants around your ankles admiring their awesome wilderness skills, self reliance, gritty backwoods determination, and close knit family ties, take a look at some the things found around the web that paint the real picture of how Alaskan Bush People are more Kardashian than Ketchikan-ian.

post2amin-nyFirst, let’s start with Bum’s well documented bush living… in New York and other big cities with his purported girlfriend Allison (formerly of ParkSlop Productions). Hey, at least her relationship with a penniless bum got her out of working for ParkSlop, the laughing stock of television production.

DuhVinciNoah and his beard (Rhainn) have been repeatedly spotted in Washington and Oregon.


And Mutt has been seen roaming the streets around Seattle.


img1The SS Grifter has been seeing making appearances at filming locations. It was photographed hauling a cow to Browntown so ParkSlop could probably try and continue their ‘building of Browntown’ story line.  It was also seen by locals towing a seaplane which arrived for filming, was strapped to the back of the SS Grifter and towed around for a bit, then took off and flew away. I’m sure ParkSlop will edit it to look like these awesomely helpful bush people rescued a perfectly fine working “stranded” seaplane in rough 1-foot seas. Yawn.

Also, numerous locals have reported that while the SS Grifter is going from port to port, it is being followed by another boat where the cast and crew stay. Nice bush living… in luxury. Rename the show Alaskan Comfort People.


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3 thoughts on “Just How ‘Bush’ Are The Alaskan Bush People

  1. Well done… keep up the investigative reporting… These zeros are just made for the riffing that they deserve !!!

  2. I really hope that they return for another season.
    It will allow me to enjoy my whining and complaining while the Discovery channel executives can sit around and laugh at the culpability of their audience.
    The statement by Jane of Alaska: the last frontier comes to mind,as she heads out for deer hunting. “If I don’t get a deer, I don’t want to think about the consequences.”
    Well, Jane, you can get into your car and drive four miles to the Safeway in Homer. There you can buy some beef, or pork, or chicken. And you can pay for it with cash, generated by the family’s multiple businesses.
    That reminds me of Billy’s outrageous statement when he bought the Lack of Integrity. “If I push this (starter) button, and nothing happens, our dream is dead.” No, Billy, you fing idiot, if it doesn’t start on the first try, you try again. If it still doesn’t start, you fix it.

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