New Season Prognostication

Alaskan bush People - Beverly Hillbillies

With the Brownklownz now convicted and having to serve jail time, Discoverup and ParkSlop have apparently decided to change gears regarding Alaskan Bush People. It seems that the family is working their way through California, complete with film crew in tow. I think that they are trying to create a fish-out-of-water scenario so fans can watch with amazement as the Brownklownz see this amazing new world that they know nothing about. I wonder if they’ll pronounce it ‘Kaliforny’?… Except in their drunken, slurred accent. We all know it’s bullshit, but since neither ParkSlop or Discoverup seem to have any integrity when it comes to their ‘reality’ shows (especially this one) I’m sure we can expect something like this:

(Sung to the tune of “The Beverly Hillbillies Theme”)

Come and listen to a story about a man named Brown
Had a bunch of stories to amaze you and astound
And then one day he was scammin’ with his book,
Discovery believed him now he had them on the hook

Reality show that is, all lies, idiots believe

Well the first thing you know Billy Brown’s a thousandaire,
Kinfolk said “Dad we’re scared of that big bear”
Said “Californy is the place we out to be”
So they loaded all their stuff and scuttled the Integrity

New storyline that is. Scammin’ people, mostly ‘tards

Well now its time to say good bye to Billy and his kin.
They would like to thank you folks fer not turning them in.
You’re all invited back next week to this locality
To watch more bullshit shows from ParkSlope and Discovery

Billy Brown, he is. Set a spell, let your guard down, he’ll borrow money. Don’t come back now, y’hyea.

Old school version:

New school version:Alaskan Bush People - Beverly Hillbillies

And of course the show’s signature sign-off:
Alaskan Bush People - Beverly Hillbillies waving

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