Noah Brown and Girlfriend Rhain Alicia In Vegas

With all of the Brownklownz spending their ill-gotten gains in Las Vegas, it was only a matter of time before pics of Noah and Ruth Rhain Alicia / Merrill were spotted online. Here’s the two of them doing something no one should care about except to incessantly mock the ongoing bullshit of their lives compared to that portrayed in their TV show, Alaskan Bush People.

Life sure is different for the Brownklownz as opposed tho ones found in Billy Brown’s books “One Wave At A Time” and “The Lost Years.”

This image is from the show (S06:E03)

With all of the Las Vegas sightings I have to ask, what about all that bullshit they keep talking about on the show about preparing for winter? I guess for these phonies, preparing for winter involves making reservations on Travelocity.

DuhVinciNoah’s girlfriend reminds me of someone… I can’t quite place it.

Got it!

Noah Brown's girlfriend

17 thoughts on “Noah Brown and Girlfriend Rhain Alicia In Vegas

  1. Why dnt they just tell the truth that goes a long way than lie after lie. Make a show of what there really doing not a fake show that misleads ppl that dnt really know what there doing. Make a road trip in there RV like the hillbillys from where ever there suppose to be from .

  2. The funny thing is i use to love this show but the more i find out that most of it is lies and each one of them make more money then i make in a year they each have tons of money i here they dont even live in brown town only when they are filming well i think all stop watching this fake stuff spongebob is more real then they are one think that gets me is at the beginning bam his hair was short then all the sudden the next episodes his hair is longer then mine nice hair extensions, ive been growing my hair out for the last 3 year it is finaly off my shoulders. Oh well i guess people will lie to make a buck i really believe it at first now i read the truth shame on them i kinda felt sorry for them being all cold out there hell there proble warming then me.

  3. Wow, for all of you and your negativity…its a show with episodes, there is off time, and they have lives to live in between. If you think the “show” is 24/7 filming then what does that say about you.

    1. Try to follow me here.
      This is the family that was in great distress because they had to live in an apartment in a tiny fishing village at the end of season one. Remember? And they saved their money by putting it into a jar, so that they could buy a boat an escape to the ‘bush?’
      And they cheered as they boated away from the oppressive civilization of a tiny village?
      But now they vacation in Hawaii, Las Vegas, NYC, and all sorts of crowded BIG CITIES? And they do it while Discovery tells us they are living in Browntown?? Cut off from civilization?? In the cold, cold weather of Chicagof Island??

    1. Agreed. Besides,they have the right to take vacations. They’be given up their privacy for a paycheck. So what? It’s entertaining even when it is absurd.

  4. it’s a tv show people ! Just like Alaska, the Last Frontier, Yukon Men, and Life Below Zero. It is for entertainment. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, but stop complaining about it. I am sure you have 400 other channels you could be watching !

  5. Gosh! The young males on this show act like they are in rut constantly! When Noah began seeing Christy I yelled “RUN, Christy! RUN, RUN,RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”at the TV and she must have heard me because she re-thought the “relationship” and decided to go to college! SMART GIRL! Then on 1 show that fruitcake Bear made the comment that “looking for women was equal to hunting animals” and, I SWEAR the hair stood right up on my neck! ALL these males need to move out,get on their own,get JOBS and then think about settling down .Daddy has them hog tied to his apron strings and that Bam Bam was the only smart one who managed to get away and maybe has some sort of a future. The others are just too damn creepy,and then there is the alcoholic one with the substance abuse issue. The girls really need some dental care,and whaddayabet that NONE of that bunch have ever been vaccinated! Take a good look at Noah’s handwriting and ,HOLY SMOKE! He can barely form letters! “Home schooling?” How about NO SCHOOLING! These parents belong in jail -those kids need to see dentists and doctors on a regular basis. I do not care about the adults,but the youngest one is only 12 or so. And, what is with that speech impediment? They all sound like their tongues are too big and the words are getting tangled up in it. And, Bear-rolling on the ground,pretending he is an animal, climbing trees and howling,and he is 27,28?? And he wonders why he can’t attract women? um hmm. CREEPY! EW! “When Snowbird was born and we saw she was a girl, we said “What do we do with THAT!” Dear LORD! And,what is up with that Noah character? The “intelligent speeches”, the clothes,the over the top attitude….WHO in their right mind is going to hook up with THAT unless they are getting paid for a roll in the hay with him.Christy should get on her knees and Thank GOD that she dodged the bullet! Ami is viewing girls as potential breeding sows for the boys. NASTY FAMILY!

    1. Dear LORD! And,what is up with that Noah character? The “intelligent speeches”, the clothes,the over the top attitude….WHO in their right mind is going to hook up with THAT unless they are getting paid for a roll in the hay with him.

      You’re playing with a full deck, read above about Noah before you type bullcrap and look daf, lol..

    2. That was the funniest and most true thing i ever read !!!! Hahahahahah these kids are so damn creepy its hard to look away …u kno like when u get embarrassed for ppl …well there ya go.
      Funniest most awkward and sad show rolled into one !!!

  6. It’s a show people, get fook’en real, ok! I enjoy the family, whether real or fake; just as yrs ago we enjoyed the Waltons, real or fake, or possible a mixture of both!

    Get off the family’s backs, OK! You don’t like it, then I suggest you change the fook’en channel!

    Hey Brown Family….keep the show going! Don’t pay any attention to the haters; they’re the ones who need a freaken life!

    1. I can’t change the channel… It’s the funniest show on TV! Watching these retards pretend to be competent bush people is friggin’ hilarious!

  7. Did anyone see the sisters face when she smelled that kids shirt b4 his date ? Then he washed it in a dirty stream. And cooked it to dry them holy crap. How these kids get girls is insane and im sitting here by myself and alone !!! And im a good looking kid wtf man
    Look fame is great and all but can girls really get passed looks like that and over look the pure creepyness oozing out of these kids ? Girls cannot like that !!!
    In boston they wouldn’t survive with the girls we got out here no way , i dunno these alaskan girls get it in but standards are low out there huh. But im shocked this kid bear …that his name ? He’s howling at moons amd rolling in dirt !!! And hes he’s 27 !!! Omg !!! Jahahagahahah im dyin laughing rite now there on a boat and the engine blew with chickens on the boat wtf !!!!!

  8. Just look at all the Brown family. None of them look alike. I do not even think that they are siblings. All have different accents. The boys have nicely groomed hands which means they are not working like slaves.The boys behave like babies except for Bam Bam and I wonder why he tolerates being called that. And if they are so poor how do they have leather coats and expensive jewelry? What a hoax!

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