Noah Brown Wedding Rumored To Be In Colorado

Tonight the rumor mill is flying with reports that Noah Brown and Rhain (spelled differently of course) are getting married in Colorado tomorrow (June 24th). This has not been confirmed but we do know the Brownklownz were headed there a couple days ago and the film crew has been reported there as well.

There are several posts on Instagram and Facebook that document the Brownklownz were in fact on the road and heading from Kaliforny to Colorado. Some sources point specifically to Dolores, Colorado. Why get married there? Why not Browntown? Oh well, who cares.

We will continue to monitor and post as we get more information.

2 thoughts on “Noah Brown Wedding Rumored To Be In Colorado

  1. We love the entire Brown family and pray for you all! Ami, you are a beautiful lady and we pray for you.

  2. Please do not say what you just said?I truly love that wonderful family as they are a true hero example of an American family! Go Browns!

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