Alaskan Bush People Inspired Christmas Gifts!

Alaskan Bush People Christmas Episode Recap

Over the years, we’ve created some unique gift ideas inspired from our favorite phonies, the Alaskan Bullshit People! So have your credit card ready and help line the pockets of a family so lazy not one of them has a job! Keep working hard so they don’t have to!


For that special Alaskan Bush People fan in your life (and by special I mean pants-on-head retarded), here’s some great movies and TV shows featuring our vertically challenged morons!


Looking for something not too challenging? Check out some of these household items and video games.
Sorry, we are temporarily out of Scami’s dog-hair bracelets and stick picture frames. But, since they were all bullshit to begin with it’s no big deal.


For the music lover on your Christmas list, or someone you really hate, get them the gift that keeps on grifting… Bush Music!

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