Alaskan Bush People In Las Vegas

Y’know all the bullshit about the Brownklownz preparing for the harsh Alaskan winter and how they work so hard to survive the grueling and tough Alaskan winters? We all knew it was bullshit but now it seems they aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they don’t spend those cold winters in Alaska.

Alaskan Bush People traveling in Colorado

Seems our favorite band of non-bush phonies started the winter in Colorado, then went on a road trip in their RV and were spotted in a truck stop in New Mexico, and are now spending time at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Mutt was reported to be in New York for New Year’s eve, and Bum has been seen and photographed in South Carolina! Huh, I wonder what part of the bush Las Vegas is located in? OH, nice bush iPhone there AcidRain :).

“Checking in please… Under ‘Grifter’, party of nine”

UPDATE! Here’s a fan that thinks the Alaskan Bullshit People are A-List celebrities. More like G-List (Grifter).

More to come!


16 thoughts on “Alaskan Bush People In Las Vegas

    1. Awesome! Thank you for the update. If you catch a pic we’d love to see it. Thanks for reading and enjoy your time in Vegas!

      1. Why do you care so much? Are you mad because they lied about their life or are you mad because they’re smarter than you? I mean you’re both obviously devoid of any talent, but they’ve become rich while you’re still a whiny bitch.

        1. I’d ask the same… Why do you care so much about my post? Are you mad because I expose all the lies about their life or are you mad because you fell victim to their bullshit and are now embarrassed to admit it? I mean you’re both obviously devoid of any talent, but they’re mildly successful in a trailer park kinda way while you’re still a whiny bitch. 🙂

  1. I don’t blame them for choosing to not spend the cold winters in Alaska, and I don’t really care if the show is real or not. Who cares?! I enjoy watching the show and obviously take it all with a grain of salt and have a chuckle every now and then at how fake it all is. At least there’s no boob jobs, botox, unnecessary nudity etc. No Kardashians! All the Browns are pretty likeable and like I said I don’t care if they do follow a script. If it’s based on Billy’s book, I’m sure they are just recreating some of the things he wrote about, and that was probably fiction anyway. As if a big tv crew is going to risk their lives and a major lawsuit with real live bears running wild!

    The Browns have now got money now to spend, and they’re spending it. Good for them. The real ‘culprits’ of all this is the production company. They are the ones who decided to ‘rent’ a cow, and all the other silly things they make the Browns do. Like I said, I don’t really mind though because I just see it as an entertainment show and not a true reality show. Nowadays true reality shows just don’t exist.

    1. I too love to watch the show, seems to me that people will be unhappy if the can’t complain about something or someone. I think it is a rather amusing show.

  2. Don’t be such haters. Why do you care so much. Also these people ARE allowed to go on vacations! And cell phones do not make them any less tried to what they say they are. They are trying to grow a town not become cave people!

    1. They are not growing a town… The land is leased for filming, pretty much like everything else on the show. Browntown will end when the show ends (hopefully soon). They are not on vacation, they are living their TRUE lifestyle. If it was a vacation it wouldn’t have lasted 2 months and counting!

  3. Hello and sorry for my poor english. I come here accidentally but I see now very pretty, nice looking gównoburze. First, i dont be even a fan of this show, just looks fet ep in tv. I live in Poland, google it, in small village and we here must know ho to build something, cut tree, take care about you “food”. I can go to shop and buy some meat but i can and want to have a own meat, vege etc. Its much better than shops, btw if i good know, in USA youre use chlorium for sterilize meat? If this is a true, Jesus. Alright, back to main theme. I DONT KNOW IF THEIR REAL OR NOT. If they are a actors, their are real good actors. If you even have in hand chainsaw? Or are you kill a chicken for dinner? Or build something(not with lego)? I see if they make it naturally, not looks like playing. I wonder why you hating so much this show? Beacouse they have own way to live? Or work, if you have right. So what, youre envy? You write about leased land, can you prouve it? Or you just say this. Maybe this isnt a true, but they ben there and make something. I wonder what you can make/build? Oh sorry, just looks at your nick. Beavis from this pathetic cartoon? This nick and this what you wathing, youre dont really smart, isnt? Maybe you should move you dupe from pc and show us how you can do at alaska? Maybe you have right and this is only fake show, but what is true in tv today?

  4. I have just watched all the seasons of Alaskan Bush People from start to season 5 episode 5. In all those shows which claim to run for at least 1.5 to 2 years going by Rainys aging I have yet to see any actual Alaskan winter filming…. theres been rain and slights skiffs of snow but I havent seen any true winter scenes at all. If they truely “get ready for and live thru the winter” in Alaska I would think there would be SOME winter filming …. right??

    1. The Brownclowns live in a motel – Icy Straits Lodge – in Hoonah Alaska, for a few weeks in the summer, and they go out to Browntown, which is on leased land, and a house built by contractors, and the Browns pretend to build things, invent things, shoot things, but it is fake! fake! fake!
      When the weather gets bad, the Brownclowns head to the lower 48. They were arrested and convicted of taking Alaska state oil dividend funds, for mbeing non residents, and inelegible for the fund. They pled guilty. Some of them have also been arrested for illegally having resident hunting/fishing licenses.
      For some reason, Discovery decided to put on a fake show. And they are now distorting an authentic show – Alaska, the last frontier, by adding lies. Last week, the announcer talked about the Kilchers trying to survive ‘the harsh wilderness of Alaska.’
      The Kilchers live 4 miles from Homer, Alaska, on a road, with cars and electricity. They work hard, and are successful. But they don’t live in the wilderness. And if they don’t shoot a deer, they can go to the supermarket in Homer and buy some meat. Or kill and butcher a cow.

  5. Obviously most of the show is fake. But as a person who has done construction and engaged in various other blue collar work including farming and ranching, raising cattle, hogs, horses, and observing both in agricultural/pasture settings as well as more wild environs in the Rocky Mountains it’s clear to me that some members of this family have skills that are impossible to fake.

    I have no doubt that they spend their winters in the lower 48 and perhaps even Hawaii. That kidney the one brother pulled out of the deer on his solitary hunt? That was no kidney lol. Maybe a liver or bile duct or pancreas but no bean shaped kidney. And they are going to build a bear proof barn when they can’t build a bear proof house (how many times have bears broken into their houses and destroyed “everything” they own?), and those ridiculous accents! No way that one brother is as bulked up as he is without a couple hours a day in a gym. Constant references to pop culture memes and expressions when they have to trade boxes of VHS tapes and DVDs for lumber and generators and so forth and so on?

    But all these things considered and many more that I could think up if I wanted to take the time, I still watch the stupid show. I don’t really know why. I guess because Naked and Afraid isn’t always on.

  6. Think people get pissed off at the Discovery Channel. Couldn’t careless about this bunch of clowns and their fake life in Alaska.
    Its why do Discovery have to fake it, like were all idiots? Were they genuinely taken in by these inbreds? So just went with it? Their must be thousands of families really living the free life in Alaska and other wild places in the US yet Discovery throw this crap at us? Their not even that likeable. Massively odd if it was real, 7 grown up kids living with their parents? Bizarre but who am I to judge but shit it’s weird & my neighbours would definitely gossip!
    Why couldn’t Discovery of found a genuine family that genuinely live off he land instead of treating paying viewers as morons? Don’t careless how much these grifters have made through this bullshit, plenty of talent-less people living good lives. Its Discovery thinking I’m pigshit thick that annoys me.
    I don’t watch it, haven’t for years but love this blog taking the piss cause it hits the nail on the head. Hope you’re keeping it up. Always makes me laugh when I read it.

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