What If Alaskan Bush People Were Made Into A Pokemon Expansion?

Alaskan Bush People Pokemon cards

The expansion pack would be called Grift’mon and consist of nine new cards that can also be used for sticking in bike spokes to make a motorcycle sound.

 Alaskan Bush People Pokemon cards

Alaskan Bush People Pokemon cards 

Alaskan Bush People Pokemon cards 

8 thoughts on “What If Alaskan Bush People Were Made Into A Pokemon Expansion?

  1. Beavis….You forgot the Night Stalker !! She’s part of the family now! LOL! Can’t wait to see what you come up with !

    1. I have a card halfway through the works that has Allison and the Night Stalker. Hopefully finished soon.

      1. Oh, I DID forget Allison…(I like her, though) and I Despise the Night Stalker (as you already know) Looking forward to seeing the results !

      2. Hey Beavis, what happened on your Allison/NightStalker Card ?? Did the powers-that-be decree that since Nightstalker and Allison are aren’t “officially married and recognized as a ‘Family Member’ ” (cough) they don’t get a card just yet? Oh the outrage, the unfairness of it all! (cough) LOL ! Just Wondering what happened…take it easy and get your rest Beavis, looks like the season finale (?) is this Wednesday Aug 9th, and you’re gonna need all your strength to deal with it all! Love ya, Buddy ! 😉

  2. God damn, that’s an excellent way to laugh at the “one brain for all to share”-family. ??

    Hilarious stuff, man. ?????

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