Brown Family Loves The Non-Bush Life

Alaskan Bush People travel airports

Seems our favorite band of phony, incompetent outdoorsmen spent about 4-6 weeks in Browntown this summer to film the next season of their bullshit show, Alaskan Bush People. The rest of the time they have been enjoying life outside of Alaska in such places as New York, Oregon, Seattle, Colorado, and others.

I remember a couple of seasons ago when BullshitBilly had to go on an airplane trip and he stated that the family hates to fly. I guess all that non-bush living money has enabled them to do what they hate most… FLY!

New York
New Jersey

The new season of Alaskan Bush People starts January 4th. In this season, we see that the Brownklownz and ParkSlop Productions are going to try and convince us that they get a cow for Browntown! It’s the first in a long line of bullshit I’m sure we’ll see in the next season of Alaskan Bullshit People!

Alaskan Bush People travel airports

More pics: Here’s Mutt in New Jersey right before New Year’s Eve:

And Bum in South Carolina:

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