Alaskan Bush People spotted in San Diego Tilted Kilt

Alaskan Bush People - Beverly Hillbillies

It seems our favorite band of misfit ‘bush’ people are touring southern California, and being filmed as they do it. BullshitBilly says that doctors have told him he can’t live in the bush anymore, which is no big deal because apparently they haven’t lived in the bush for quite a long time.

Along their journey, the family decided to stop in at Tiled Kilt, and adult themed restaurant featuring scantily clad women leaving little to the imagination. What a great place to take your 13 year-old daughter! Anyhoo, the Parents of the Year were nice enough to stop and take some pics with the staff. Where’s DuhVinciNoah’s top-hat?

Alaskan Bush People take underage daughter to Tilted Kilt

4 thoughts on “Alaskan Bush People spotted in San Diego Tilted Kilt

  1. Go Brown Family,,,You all got more life and living than all those couch potatoes haters ,,,,WE LOVE all of you!!!,,keep your show going for those of us that will never actually get to experience what is your ways of living,,,Go For IT!!!

  2. It may be fake but at least there is no violence , shit language or naked woman. The show is nice for a change compared to the other bullshit on a daily basis.They are nice people.

  3. If you think it’s fake…don’t watch it. I don’t like violence, naked woman and vulgar language. I don’t watch it.

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