Hitler Reacts To News That Alaskan Bush People Is Fake

28 thoughts on “Hitler Reacts To News That Alaskan Bush People Is Fake

  1. Excellent, Beavis!
    Now that the Brownclowns are fading into oblivion, will you address the issues in other Alaska based shows?
    In Mountain Men, Morgan spent a season WALKING over a mountain range to get to his purchased land. Last week, he rode a flimsy pvc raft down the river to buy supplies and feed for his horses. (The horses magically appeared last season.) He hired a helicopter to take him and his supplies back towards his property, but inexplicably had the helicopter land 10 miles short of his property. (Plenty of space at his cabin to land, but History channel must have wanted his girlfriend to lead the four horses to him, to pack back to the cabin.)
    Morgan has no visible means of support, but did find a cache of animal traps, so he is teaching himself how to be a trapper.)
    There’s some gold for you in that show, Beavis.
    Homestead Rescue is perhaps worse than ABP. Two episodes so far, where sick, inept people decide to move to the wilderness, possessing no life skills, until the Haney family – father, son, and attractive daughter, in just 7 days, teach all of the skills necessary to thrive in the wilderness, build a cabin, build roads, and smirk at the victims.
    You might want to give those shows a go.
    I ask one question about the Brownclowns, in closing.
    We were told, non stop, for several seasons, that the family’s reputation was on the line for their (fake) hauling business, (fake) lumber mill, (FAKE) EVERYTHING ELSE.
    yET THEY ARE WILLING TO WALK AWAY FROM EVERYTHING BECAUSE AMI IS ILL? What good can those third graders offer to support their mom? Digging holes in the yard of a rented house? Climbing trees? Making a 3rd grader’s bow and arrow? Don’t they give a shit about their treasured reputation as a ‘can do’ bush family? How many times did Billy suck up to one person or another, (with the camera positioned to hide the fact that he is a little person,) promising to do the job?

    1. I started watching Life Below Zero. It has some continuity and editing issues, but who doesn’t. I’ll have to see if Mountain Men is on netflix or Hulu.

    1. Thank you. It’s my first try at such a vid. Hopefully next one won’t take as much time 🙂

    1. No problem. I didn’t realize there’s a whole LIBRARY of those video clips you can use for the same type of theme. There’s one where Hitler dictates his will which would be great fodder!

      1. Oh yeah Beavis, a whole world of ‘Hitler Reacts’ videos out there, some good, some not so good…

        I have a You Tube playlist of the ones I have made over the last year…

        ‘Hitler and Charlie Manson’
        ‘Hitler reacts to Final Cut Pro X and Steiner’
        ‘Hitler looks over the menu’
        ‘Hitler reacts to Gold Rush-Todd in Oregon’
        ‘Hitler reacts to the Brady Bunch’
        ‘Hitler can’t remember where his car is parked’
        ‘Hitler reacts to Return To Amish’
        and now ‘Hitler and ABP’

        I think they are funny as hell…. here is a link to the You Tube playlist…


        BTW, my name on Youtube is ‘Radio Video’

        I create mine by doing a Quicktime screen shot of a scene from the original ‘Downfall’ movie, import into Final Cut Pro X and edit away, add subtitles, add other scenes, delete stuff I don’t want etc etc…


    2. Funny I recently stumbled on your site, and soon after, you pop up here, where I also follow religiously. ☺️ happy to see you here too, and keep the recaps coming. They are great! ?????? (comment was meant for you, reality observer)

      1. Henrik, I found Railing Kill back in the IMDb days… He was basically my inspiration for my recaps and my site… I just basically do text, RK does the memes and text and the doctored photos… and does them very well…?

        1. Oh yeahyeah, I know Im the newbie, this was just the first time, I recognised someone from another anti Brown page. ? I have only recently begun even commenting, but suddenly I got that “community” feeling, when noticing likeminded across message boards. ?
          Oh and in my humble opinion both you, RK, Ryan and profane reality each have your own style and jokes. Next to no overlapping, and that means happy days for Me, bc I get to laugh at four different recaps. ??? And you all have my respect, seeing that you can what I can’t ; stomach actually watching whole episodes. ?????

  2. Just a thought :

    The whole relocation thing.
    They had a cabin, but it was at the wrong place, so the government burned it down, while they were out.
    Try reading that again, and think about how fucking stupid that sounds.
    So the government agents or whatever was just hidden in the bushes, waiting for the opportune time to run up, torch the cabin and scurry off while cackling with laughter.
    Then when they reported back to their boss it would sound like:
    “mission accomplished sir!”
    “Did you torch the house of that collection of inbred mutants called the Browns?”
    “Sir, yes sir!”
    Leans back and says
    “and that’s the end of that chapter. Now THATS how you get rid of no goodnecks putting up houses everywhere.” ? ?

    And wonder how many times they had to “abort!! Abort!!! One of them damn kids is coming back! Run away!”

    Then squatting in the safety of a shrubbery mumbling “god damn that buddha brown and his own army of ugly minions!” ?

    1. LOL – nice job! From what I hear it was a general use cabin in a National Forest that is meant to be used by hikers, etc. as an overnight shelter but these bums decided to move in and make it their home!

      “ABORT, ABORT!” 🙂

      1. Hihi yeah imagine if Billy had yelled “ABORT!! ABORT!!” Thirty something years ago. ?

        Can just imagine them stumbling on that cabin.
        “Did you build that for us, dad?”
        “Dont be stup–I mean:of course I did! Pretty nice handywork, if I say so myself hehe. Dadgummit. Just goes to show what you can do with the lord as your wingman and a hope and a prayer.
        But don’t you go telling nobody now! Dont invite any nosy friends around here!”
        “Friends dad? What’s that?”
        “Addaboy” ?

    1. I SOOOoooo wish I had the time. Problem is getting a consistent licensed feed of each episode. Not everyone has DiscoveryGO or OnDemand. If someone has an idea send it my way!

      1. Hmmm well Discovery puts out small 2 min clips on YouTube. Don’t know if theres a law against talking over clips like that.
        That would definitely be easier to manage, and would honestly feel bad, if you had to watch entire episodes again. ?

        1. Henrik and Beavis… Re overdubbing existing scenes of ABP with your own voice… This guy ( called ‘Yam Child’ ) has some interesting vids on You Tube where he does just that… pretty funny stuff, I actually tried one on my PC and the possibilities are infinite… I am guessing the folks at YT don’t really mind if you post stuff like that…

          Maybe I will refine my attempt and post it one day…

          Give it a watch here… https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL84CC1AMripfL27lcJ5sYpw3FyxVc8kyT


          1. Yep, I saw those “funniest scenes” videos, and laughed my ass off. ??
            And you’re right, it doesn’t seem to be a problem, so if nothing else, at least we have a potential way to get our brownfueled laugh on in the future. ?????

  3. Beavis _ Love your stuff ! Saw what you posted about Noah and the NightStalker in the McD’s outfit – Priceless ! Hope to Hell they don’t “build a cabin, (cough) in some virgin Wilderness of the Colorado Rockies, (cough) where we can be ‘Free’ (cough) and find a way to support us and let us thrive, (cough)…perhaps with these funny little seeds I bartered for (cough cough).. with this guy on the street corner, he said it will grow a magical plant to solve all our worries (cough)…and pigs will fly out our asses as a Testament to Faith and Family! AMEN !” STAY OUT OF COLORADO – PLEASE – They belong to John Denver (God Bless him…I miss him) and the rest of us Stoners who love him !! John knew about “Rocky Mountains Highs,” and I miss those warm summer days of my early teenage years. The Browns will desecrate the land like they do EVERYWHERE they go…Hillman’s Ranch was gorgeous; the water was SO clear. I fell in love with that beautiful Alaskan scenery….Yes, I am rambling today, sorry…my meds are off…and my computer at home is messed up, so I am at my Local Library…sheesh…Okay, just a couple other thoughts…1) I compared the “good” pic Ami posted just recently on “ABPE” and the pic of her and Billy posted from the recent show…Ami looks like HELL…Damn you Billy, you selfish Bastard, you never fixed her G.D. TEETH !! Having bad teeth CAN truly affect your health ! That Dentist said so Waay back in the beginning ! Grrr! 2) I am a bit concerned about Rainy..she seems to be developing a hard edge to herself compared with the bubbly gal we used to know…Naturally, this is a difficult time, and she’s trying to deal…but I think this ‘hard edge’ I’M noticing goes deeper than that…Anyone else see this? 3) Hey Beavis…what about Billy’s Rolex…seems to be a little dispute with “ABPE” (LOL) Hey…it looked like a Rolex to ME…but I’m am working poor, so hey, what do I know??? A cheap rip-off for Bully ?? OH NO’S !! :O Maybe it was the same guy that he bartered for “those funny little
    magic seeds”, the guy threw the watch into his “deal” !! Beavis, thank you always for your humor and putting up with this little rambling today…! You Rock!

    1. Hey there LaLobagirl! Always appreciate your feedback… and ramblings 🙂

      It makes you wonder how Bilky can flaunt his shiny Rolex and Harleys but can’t get any of the kids’ teeth fixed! You would think he could drive them to the dentist on one of his Harleys!

      BTW I have a closeup of the watch and want to match it to the exact model. There’s a guy that posted on another board that he had one just like it. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was a knock-off though.

      I’ve read on other boards from locals that Rain is a bit of a bitch. She’s spoiled and acts like it while filming, etc..

      Thank you again for your humorous comments and please keep them coming! 🙂

      1. OMG, Beavis…Just had a mental pic of Bully roaring up to the local Hoonah dentist on his shiny Harley with one of the kids (hopefully BIRD first !) on the BACK of the Harley with him…but….OH NO’S !!! WHERE would they put Gabe with the blue tote full of salmon to pay the dentist with ?? Guess Bully would have to buy a new Harley with a sidecar for that ! LOL! I am imagining you are hearing about the Harley from the locals in Cali ? Yes/No ?? Wish someone would post a pic of him on that Harley! Yeah, I can see where’s Rain’s to what I called a “hard edge” could actually be bitchy spoiled Princess ‘tude. My bad on that call; she HAS always been catered to. Maybe Bam will give her a well-deserved smack upside her head and make her Kentucky Derby hat fall off…and maturity (and perhaps common sense??) will descend ??…..Nah…WAY too much to hope for ! LOL ! Love ya Beavis; keep the astute observations coming!

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