The Macarena… Bush Style

I don’t know what’s creepier… Scami’s contorted face or the fact they have corrupted a cherished piece of pop-culture?

2 thoughts on “The Macarena… Bush Style

  1. Sweet Jesus! I just dinished watching this evening’s episode of the mentally challenged bush people, and it was breathlessly bad! There was a Subaru commercial where a yellow lab drives a car, with a puppy in the car seat in back, and it was more believable than the Brownclown episode.
    Everything tonight was fake, from the amount of milk a cow will give, to a fake barn, to a fake deer hunt by Matt. The only thing authentic was Matt’s glazed eyes. The kid is heavily medicated.
    How can Park Slop, and Discovery even face themselves after putting on such crap??

    1. I haven’t watched it yet but the previews sure looked entertainingly bad. I figured Matt’s deer hunt would end up staged like the last one. Thanks for the comments!

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