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I think I approach this website with a different perspective. I love bad movies. Not because of some inherent desire to inflict self punishment, but to make fun of them. My all time favorite TV show is Mystery Science Theater 3000. The snarkiness of the comments and the timing of delivery resonated with me and it's something I not only enjoy still watching today, it's an attitudinal filter by which I look at all forms of entertainment.

Alaskan Bush People Inspired Christmas Gifts!

Alaskan Bush People Christmas Episode Recap

Over the years, we’ve created some unique gift ideas inspired from our favorite phonies, the Alaskan Bullshit People! So have your credit card ready and help line the pockets of a family so lazy not one of them has a job! Keep working hard so they don’t have to! MOVIES AND TV For that special Alaskan Bush People fan in your life (and by special I mean pants-on-head retarded), here’s some great movies and TV shows featuring our vertically challenged morons! HOUSEWARES AND GAMES Looking for something not too challenging? Check out some of these household items and video games. … Continue reading

B-Movie Review: KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park

KISS Meets the Phantom Of The Park

Beavis’s Movie Memories Ho – Ley – Crap! Those are the words I uttered when I watched this movie about 5 years ago with the NoFadz crew. There were quite a few of us watching online that Saturday night who started to slowly realize we had seen this before. Then it came to us… We saw it on a very special night in 1978 when every teenager in the country sat in front of a radiating tube waiting to see the coolest band ever, KISS! You have to remember that in 1978 there was no internet or MTV or anything … Continue reading

B-Movie Review: GETEVEN (Road to Revenge)

Road To Revenge (Get Even) - B Movie

Beavis’s Movie Memories Road To Revenge (also known as GETEVEN and Champagne and Bullets but should have been titled Mid-Life Crisis) is a 1993 movie that was written, directed, financed, and starring John De Hart, Wings Hauser, and Pamela Bryant (A Playboy model who sadly left us in 2010) . It follows a long tradition of films made by people whose friends told them, “Nobody can make a worse movie than Ed Wood.” To which they reply, “Hold my beer!” The movie opens with LAPD Captain Normad, Huck (Wings Hauser), and Rick (John De Hart) taking down a trailer of … Continue reading

Real Life Imitating B-Movies

Think a plot device in your favorite B-Movie is a little far fetched? Wait until the technology catches up and you might be surprised! One of the staples of good B-Movie watching is the 1986 video classic Chopping Mall. The premise of the movie is one that has been used time and time again in sci-fi movies… Robots run amok. It’s the story of a shopping mall that hires a security company to install robots that look a little bit like what you imagine Johnny 5’s older, less successful brother would look like. On what is to be their first … Continue reading

GenCon 2018 Review

GenCon – The funnest ‘Con we’ve been to in years When you think of board games you typically think of the traditional mass-market games like Monopoly, Sorry, and a slew of others that have been around since your creation. Like many people I grew up playing those games but moved on to some of the ‘fringe’ games like D&D and numerous titles from vendors like Avalon Hill and SSI. As I reached adulthood I branched out even further and started getting into tabletop games like Necromunda, Warhammer, and other miniatures based table-top games. Despite what I thought was a healthy … Continue reading

AlienCon 2018 Review

Ancient Aliens AlienCon ticket prices

Is the AlienCon Gold Pass worth the price? Ancient Astronaut Theorists say, “Meh.” #AlienCon is a convention for fans of the show “Ancient Aliens” and it’s stars. In June of 2018 it was held in Pasadena. Here are my afterthoughts about the show and it’s value. The first AlienCon was held in the Bay Area of Northern California. At the time we really wanted to go but since it was the first year, we decided to wait it out and let them work out the kinks. Plus the timing was just a little too close to Phoenix Comic Fest, or … Continue reading

B-Movie Review: Chopping Mall

Chopping Mall - B Movie

Beavis’s Movie Memories Ah, Chopping Mall. A great slice of 80’s B-Movie nostalgia from Jim Wynorski starring Kelli Maroney (Fast Times At Ridgemont High) and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator). In the opening scene you get the feeling like you started the movie in the middle. It turns out it’s all part of a demonstration given by Secure-Tronics to the mall shop owners. The crowd seems less than enthusiastic. Angus Scrimm makes a brief appearance as audience participant and question asker’er Dr. Carrington. One couple (played by Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov) is not particularly impressed and make snarky comments and roll … Continue reading

B-Movie Review: They Call Me Macho Woman!

Beavis’s Movie Memories A few years ago I had the pleasure of viewing They Call Me Macho Woman (also released as Savage Instinct by Bottom Line Studios). Recently, I found it on Amazon Prime and if you look hard enough you’ll probably find it on other streaming services. It had all of the makings of a great B-Movie. Made in the late 80’s / early 90’s, check… Studio backed (Troma), check… Oh boy, this should be bad in a good way! Well, guess what? It was (kind of), but it was also one of the best examples of a good … Continue reading

B-Movie Review: Zombie 5 – Killing Birds

Zombie 5 - Killing Birds B Movie

Beavis’s Movie Memories Thank GOD this movie came out because there are SO MANY unanswered questions from Zombie 4: Who Gives A Shit. Now I can rest easy knowing I have closure after viewing the terrible story, abysmal plot-lines, and horrific dialog that makes this franchise complete. The movie starts out with a man breaking into a home and killing the man and woman, who are still sleeping. Apparently he has just returned from the war and it was his house, and having just caught his wife and some other guy in bed together, he decides to machete them up … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap S08:E01 Back To The Bush

Bird Brown's lost cat

Well, here we are again. Another season of Alaskan Bullshit People. I was a little worried that this season might be based more in ‘reality’ than the sea of lies and deceit we’ve seen over the past seasons. This concern came from the fact that almost all of the ParkSlop people are new and there is a growing number of websites, pages, and social media outlets documenting their den of lies. But fear not… It’s the same old bullshit, different location. Let me preface by saying that some of the information here was found by doing cursory social media searches … Continue reading

Zap Rowsdower (Bruce J. Mitchell) Passes Away

Zap Rowsdower RIP

A sad day for B-Movie and Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans. Bruce J. Mitchell, who played Zap Rowsdower in the movie The Final Sacrifice, has sadly passed away. He did an interview a while back and talked about his experience during the making of the movie. He seemed like a really nice guy who appreciated his opportunity to be in a movie and still be known for it to this day thanks to a new generation finding this gem on such shows as MST3K. His service will be held at the Third Zeox Church in Manitoba.

Brief History Of B-Movie Hosting And Riffing

Well, here it is, a new PodCast that talks about the history of B-Movie hosting and riffing. Actually, this was done about a year ago but never uploaded to the show page. There’s plenty of links on the show’s page to check out some classic examples of riffing. LA Connection are still one of my favorites. Please leave a comment on the PodCast Page! Railing Kill’s Brief History Of B-Movie Riffing Hopefully, there will be more of these on a consistent basis.