B-Movie Drive-in

Friday Night B-Movie Drive-InAfter spending the last few years enjoying the company of the NoFadz crew and their Saturday Night B-Movie riffing sessions, I discovered I had amassed quite a collection of movies… And memories.

In an effort to resurrect the tradition, I have created The Railing Kill B-Movie Drive-In!

Every Saturday night (I know the image sez Friday but it’s Saturday) Railing Kill will present a B-Movie classic that will provide plenty of riffing fodder. These movies will start around 10PM Eastern Time. The movies are streamed so please be on time to ensure you don’t miss a minute of fun. I will try and include a short film prior to the main feature a-la MST3K.

Etiquette: The ‘shorts’ and movies we show range from G to R rated. We understand we cannot keep people from watching if it is not age appropriate, but if you are watching with young-ins please check the ratings advisory. The language on RiffChat is not censored but I would ask that you keep it at around a PG-13 rating at most. Abusers will be warned then banned if abuse continued.

Check back soon for information for the upcoming movie including the VLC link, background on the movie, and links to more information.

To get the latest info and schedule, send a message using the Contact Page and we will add you to the mailing list!