Dark Queen

Dark Queen - B Movie

Year: 2004
Rated: R
Relase Date: N/A
Country of Origin: USA
Runtime: N/A
Director: Ken LaVan
Writer: Lou Aguilar
Starring: Tian Kitchen, Sean Klitzner, Michael Marks, Sheyenne Rivers
IMDb Rating: 3.8 (61 votes)
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A

A brilliant biochemist is searching for the chemical link that generates the “Cassandra Factor”, aka psychic powers, in hopes of unlocking the biological source of psychic powers. Her newest test subject is a woman-hating psychopath with a God complex who has used his ability to control the minds of women, making them commit suicide but not before declaring their undying loyalty to him. She extracts some of his brain fluid and takes it back to her lab where she mutates it into some sort of glowing green liquid, which she then decides to test on herself resulting in the emergence of a a horny, power hungry Mr. Hyde-like alter ego named Cassandra.

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