Fangs - B-Movie

Year: 2002
Rated: PG-13
Relase Date: 13 Mar 2002
Country of Origin: USA
Runtime: 94 min
Director: Kelly Sandefur
Writer: Jim Geoghan
Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Tracy Nelson, Whip Hubley, Katie Stuart
IMDb Rating: 3.3 (577 votes)
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A

Scottsville is a sleepy town, where the yearly apple blossom festival is usually the only ‘memorable’ event, so Police Chief Sam Taylor is furious when young cop Ally Parks -who comes from the big city- insists on investigating the death and mutilation of prof. Fuller, who experimented on bats, and soon several other victims, as unnatural bat attacks. She finds a helpful ‘expert’ in animal controller Dr. John Winslow, and the couple gets help from his inquisitive daughter Genny and her practically in-living high school-friend Logan to unravel how it all ties in with local real estate mogul Carl Hart’s dishonest and corrupt practices.

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