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Mutant Species

Year: 1994
Rated: R
Release Date: 19 Jan 1995
Country of Origin: USA
Runtime: 100 min
Director: David A. Prior
Writer: Patrick Francis (story), Patrick F. Gallagher, David A. Prior (story), William S. Vigil (screenplay)
Starring: Leo Rossi, Ted Prior, Denise Crosby, Grant Gelt
IMDb Rating: 3.7 (173 votes)
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A

A rocket containing bio-hazardous material to be disposed of by launching into space crashes in a remote wooded area. An army team is sent to recover it. One of the men is infected and mutates into a monster, killing most of the rest of the team. One man escapes with the help of a brother & sister who live in the woods. He then tries to stop his former buddy, while also fighting against another army team sent in to destroy everything. The bio-material was supposed to create a super-soldier, was banned, and the crash of the rocket appears to have been deliberate so the experiment could proceed. But who is behind it all? And will others be infected?

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