Quest for the Lost City

Quest for the Lost City - B Movie

Quest for the Lost City - B MovieYear: 1954
Rated: N/A
Relase Date: N/A
Country of Origin: USA
Runtime: 64 min
Director: Dana Lamb
Writer: Dorothy Howell
Starring: Hal Gibney, Tom Harmon, Dana Lamb, Ginger Lamb
IMDb Rating: 7.3 (12 votes)
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A

“Quest for the Lost City,” the documentary account of the remarkable trek across thousands of miles of trackless Mexican and Guatemalan jungle taken by the noted husband-and-wife explorer/writing team of Dana and Ginger Lamb. Traveling by foot, horseback, dugout canoe, Model-T Ford, jeep, and airplane the Lambs traveled down the western edge of Mexico, crossing the Sonora Desert into the jungles of Chiapas. Ten years after they began their quest, years beset with hardships, frustration, and danger, they finally found their lost city. Along the way, they met a band of friendly bandits, an army of ants, a hermit, and a lost tribe of the Mayans.

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