B-Movie Review: Zombie 4 – After Death

Zombie 4 After Death - B Movie

Zombie 4: After Death

Released: July 27, 1990
Run Time: 88 minutes
Production: Flora Film
Country: Italy

Jeff Stryker as Chuck
Candice Daly as Jenny
Massimo Vanni as David
Jim Gaines as Dan
Claudio Fragasso as Narrator
Nick Nicholson as Rod
Jim Moss as Mad
Al Festa as The Balladeer's Keyboardist
Ottaviano Dell'Acqua as Scientist
Alberto Dell'Acqua as Scientist who Shoots The Voodoo Priest

Claudio Fragasso - Director
Luigi Ciccarese - Director of Photography
Rossella Drudi - Screenplay
Franco Gaudenzi - Producer
Maurizio Baglivo - Editor
Bruno Mattei - Executive Producer
Al Festa - Original Music Composer
Rossella Drudi - Story
Mimmo Scavia - Art Direction
Jun Carlos - Set Decoration

Synapsis: A woman goes back to the island where her parents were killed. They had been working on a cure for cancer and accidentally raised the dead by angering a voodoo priest. With the woman is a group of mercenaries and they meet up with some other researchers. They raise the dead again and all hell breaks loose

Beavis’s Movie Memories

In retrospect, I should have watched this movie before watching Zombie 5: Killing Birds because it would help explain absolutely nothing. This episode takes place on a deserted island, as opposed to Zombie 5 where the action takes place somewhere else, as evidenced by the fact there is a hospital, University, and a highway system.

The movie starts out with a band of researchers who track down a local witch doctor on the island. Apparently, the researchers were unable to find a cure for the Witch Doctor’s wife and daughter fast enough and they died. There is a woman in the cave with him that is / was presumably his wife. Then, in his cave, he pulls out the “Book Of The Dead” (conveniently written in English on the cover so that we know, under no uncertain terms, that this is the Necronomicon… Sorry,Book Of The Dead!). His wife dances and flails around and after some chanting, a light flies into her mouth and she’s swallowed into the ground. As the action doctors enter the room, he summons zombie ninja’s, along with his just-swallowed wife who is spit up from the ground and joins the carnage. They attack and kill every research scientist in the room, sending Merck stock plummeting to a new 52 week low.

zombie49The scene then skips to a happy family, consisting of a wife, husband, and daughter, running for their lives. They are being chased by Ninja zombies. The parents are caught and killed one after the other, leaving the little girl to sort-of trot off into the jungle (she doesn’t seem to be as concerned about the ninja zombies as the director parents would have liked). But, before the mother releases her into the wild she hands her an amulet.

The zombie buffet arrives!Now skip immediately to the next scene in which you figure out, after 20 minutes of viewing, that one of the women in a boatload of people is actually the daughter some 20 years later. Nice of them to throw out a graphic that says “twenty years later” or something! Anyway, she returns to the island with some commandos and her friend. The boat breaks down and they are forced to land on the island. Also on the island are 3 backpackers that appear for no reason. They stumble upon the cave and one jackhole starts reading from the Necronomicon Book Of The Dead. This of course releases the zombies again so they run and join the other group.

They hole up in a deserted hospital that is like ‘Home-Base’ because the zombies can’t attack there due to an elaborate candle display inside that wards off zombie intruders. One of the people in the house is bitten and slowly turns into a zombie, who then bites one of the other girls when she is alone with him, and she in turn bites someone else, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on. While this is going on, another nameless idiot decides it’s a good idea to blow the candles out. Zombies enter from the outside and new zombies are created on the inside. When all of the carnage is done, they are down to 3 people left. Wait, make that 2. As the hospital is being overrun by zombies, one of the 3 remaining is injured and finds a hand grenade on the floor. He decides to take himself and several zombies out while the other 2 escape. This brings up the same issue I had with Zombie 5 in that the 2 people who survive are always the dumbest chuds in the movie. It’s a real let down!

Stryker (the one remaining male character) and the daughter woman run from the now blown-up hospital and return to the cave. This is where the whole story just totally goes off the deep end. Stryker gets fisted (through he chest) by a zombie while the daughter woman looks into a mirror and peels off her flesh and removes her eyeball. After panning back to Stryker, who is taking WAY too long to die, the camera cuts back and shows the daughter woman with no face, just a zombie-flesh skull and 80’s hair. Wow, she was a zombie all along… What a twist!

One of the funniest scenes is toward the end when zombies are coming out of their graves. The ‘graves’ are about 6 inches deep, making their dramatic escape laughable. It looks like they just had a bunch of extras lay in the ground and they covered them with leaves and silt, then yelled “Action!”

Definitely a 4 star production, again based solely on it’s riffability. It’s a great party night movie ‘cause if you duck out to go to the bathroom or grab a beer, you won’t miss anything!

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