Alaskan Bush People Become Hawaiian Bush People

Alaskan Bush People - Cast members

NOTE: We now have a Facebook page dedicated to Alaskan Bullshit People! It seems our favorite bush people are living large outside the bush. They were recently spotted in a mall in Maui, Hawaii. Wait… Isn’t this the week that Ami’s mom is coming for a visit to Hoonah? Wow, great family values on display by this group of ‘bush people’. AcidRain (Merry Hanukkah Who Cares Jingleheimer-Schmidt) looks like she’s already partaken in some Maui-Waui. I wonder what DuhVinciNoah will invent with coconuts? Apparently there’s more Brownklownz than pictured: This brings up a couple of questions… Did SpotlessAmi and BullshitBilly stay … Continue reading

Ami’s Mother To Visit Browntown Filming Location

Alaskan Bush People - Ami wants grandbabies

A couple of weeks ago, broke an exclusive story from Ami’s family that her estranged mother, Earlene Branson, is making one last ditch effort to reunite with her daughter before she dies. The family is heading to Hoonah and documenting the journey. I hope it’s not Discovery Channel or ParkSlope that are filming this reunion because it would completely remove any and all credibility regarding the confrontation. As we learned with Billy’s sister’s visit, they had actually been in contact over the past few years at least, even sending birthday greetings to her brother Matt online. If Ami’s family … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Waiting Room

Alaskan Bush People episode recap

Thanks to “ROX” on the Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page, a photo appeared of Bum, AcidRain, and Birdbrain waiting in what appears to be a DMV or other kind of office. Let’s breakdown this rough-and-tumble bush living family image: First,many commentators on the Facebook page pointed out that it looks as if AcidRain (whose real name is Merry Hanukkah Who Cares Jingleheimer-Schmidt) is wearing an Apple Watch… Or iWatch, whatever the heck it’s called. Second, check out Bum’s ear buds. I wonder if DuhVinciNoah invented them? Probably not otherwise they would consist of empty soup cans duct-taped to his head. … Continue reading

Billy and Ami hint at “Secret Daughter”

No, they’re not talking about the laughably effeminate DuhVinciNoah. Apparently after all of the flack and exposure about how completely bullshit the show is and sites that have exposed the truth about these lazy, aging hippies and their slurred-speech chuds, Discoverup and ParkSlop decided they would have to come clean about the darker side of the Brownklownz. Of course they’ll present it in a way that portrays the Brownklownz as ‘innocent victims’ of evil people. We saw it already  in the first episode of this season where BullshitBilly blamed the gubmint for his legal troubles. He claimed that he didn’t keep … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People spotted in San Diego Tilted Kilt

Alaskan Bush People - Beverly Hillbillies

It seems our favorite band of misfit ‘bush’ people are touring southern California, and being filmed as they do it. BullshitBilly says that doctors have told him he can’t live in the bush anymore, which is no big deal because apparently they haven’t lived in the bush for quite a long time. Along their journey, the family decided to stop in at Tiled Kilt, and adult themed restaurant featuring scantily clad women leaving little to the imagination. What a great place to take your 13 year-old daughter! Anyhoo, the Parents of the Year were nice enough to stop and take some … Continue reading

New Season Prognostication

Alaskan bush People - Beverly Hillbillies

With the Brownklownz now convicted and having to serve jail time, Discoverup and ParkSlop have apparently decided to change gears regarding Alaskan Bush People. It seems that the family is working their way through California, complete with film crew in tow. I think that they are trying to create a fish-out-of-water scenario so fans can watch with amazement as the Brownklownz see this amazing new world that they know nothing about. I wonder if they’ll pronounce it ‘Kaliforny’?… Except in their drunken, slurred accent. We all know it’s bullshit, but since neither ParkSlop or Discoverup seem to have any integrity when it … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Billy and Bam sentenced to 30 days in jail

Alaskan Bush People - Noah is Einstein and Tesla

It’s finally here… Sentencing day! Looks like BullshitBilly and Bum will be tossing the bush salad after being sentenced to 30 days in jail and 40 hours Community Service for lying about residency. The rest of the Brownklownz escaped, having their charges dropped in exchange for the eldest Brownklownz punishment. However Ami, Bear, Gabe, and Noah have to pay back all of the dividends they received. According to the Alaska Dispatch News: Billy Brown must return $7,956 in improperly obtained dividends and pay a $10,000 fine. Joshua Brown must pay back $1,174 in dividends and pay a $2,000 fine. Does this … Continue reading

ABP Episode Recap S03:E03 Rock Paper Skipper

Alaskan Bush People New Series

What a week it’s been! ParkSlop left us on the edge of our seats with last week’s episode ending with the family scurrying about and Mutt telling us that “… If he only has 24 hours left” blah blah blah! Oh-No’s, did something major happen to BullshitBilly or one of the other Brownklownz? Fear not, it was all bullshit. More phony hype from a phony TV show about phony people. At least I’ll sleep better knowing that BullshitBilly is well. Let’s dive right in by talking about the phony ’emergency’. Wolverine, ExtremeBore, and Birdbrain are up high on a hill … Continue reading

ABP Stars Plea Deal Rejected

Mutt from Alaska Bullshit People

According to the Alaska Dispatch News: A Juneau judge rejected a plea deal Thursday that would have allowed stars from Discovery Channel’s wildly popular reality television series “Alaskan Bush People” to avoid jail time for lying on applications to get the Permanent Fund dividend checks given to Alaska residents. The judge seems to be set on prescribing some type of jail time as a ‘deterrent’ to others. So far, I really like this guy! Looks like the case and trial will resume in December. Just in time for the “Alaskan Bush People Christmas – Live From Folsom Prison”!

ABP Stars Plead Guilty To Fraud And Theft

Say it ain’t so! It seems two of the Brownklownz (BullshitBilly and Bum) have entered a ‘guilty’ plea to misdemeanor fraud charges for claiming residency in Alaska from 2009-2012. The hearing was originally schedule for January 8th but was apparently moved up when they decided to attempt a plea deal. But wait, it gets even better… BullshitBilly didn’t appear in court in person, he called in from Seattle! Wait, I thought these were real bush people that lived on the island where Discoverup bought the land and paid a Ketchikan construction company to build their cabin?? If he wasn’t there in … Continue reading

New Season of Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People episode recap

It’s hard to believe, but Discoverup and ParkSlop Productions have once again decided to embarrass themselves by presenting another season of the God-awful, phony, horribly insulting waste of celluloid known as Alaskan Bullshit People. I guess it’s the last hoorah before the family ends up serving jail time for defrauding the state of Alaska. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from this (last) season of this despicable band of scamming grifters: BullshitBilly and the family will start the season by crying and whining about how mean bears tore down their shanty village. Look for lots of ‘whoah … Continue reading