Think you’ve seen some bad movies? Over the course of a few years I’ve sat through over 300 of the worst hand-picked movies ever made. Take a look at my list and I’m sure you’ll find a perfect way to spend your Saturday night.

Island Claws

Year: 1980Rated: PGRelase Date: N/ACountry of Origin: USARuntime: 82 minDirector: Hernan CardenasWriter: Colby Cardenas (story),

Dark Queen

Year: 2004Rated: RRelase Date: N/ACountry of Origin: USARuntime: N/ADirector: Ken LaVanWriter: Lou AguilarStarring: Tian Kitchen,

Dragon Hunt

Year: 1990Rated: N/ARelase Date: 08 Jun 1990Country of Origin: CanadaRuntime: 90 minDirector: Charlie WienerWriter: Michael

Space Fury

Year: 1999Rated: RRelease Date: 18 Jan 2000Country of Origin: CanadaRuntime: 80 minDirector: Eli NecakovWriter: Vincent


Year: 2002Rated: PG-13Relase Date: 13 Mar 2002Country of Origin: USARuntime: 94 minDirector: Kelly SandefurWriter: Jim

Space Chase

Year: 2006Rated: N/ARelase Date: 04 Feb 2006Country of Origin: UKRuntime: N/ADirector: Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan, Jonathan PearsonWriter:

Death Drug

Year: 1978Rated: PG-13Relase Date: N/ACountry of Origin: USARuntime: 73 minDirector: Oscar WilliamsWriter: Roland S. JeffersonStarring:


Year: 2010Rated: N/ARelase Date: 28 Jun 2010Country of Origin: BrazilRuntime: 8 minDirector: Abel RolandWriter: Emiliano