Think you’ve seen some bad movies? Over the course of a few years I’ve sat through over 300 of the worst hand-picked movies ever made. Take a look at my list and I’m sure you’ll find a perfect way to spend your Saturday night.


Year: 1992Rated: N/ARelase Date: N/ACountry of Origin: USARuntime: 80 minDirector: Christopher ThiesWriter: Christopher Thies (screenplay),


Year: 1974Rated: RRelase Date: 06 Feb 1974Country of Origin: Ireland, USARuntime: 105 minDirector: John BoormanWriter:


Year: 1980Rated: NOT RATEDRelase Date: 01 Sep 1980Country of Origin: USARuntime: 90 minDirector: Don DohlerWriter:


Year: 1997Rated: RRelase Date: 20 Jun 1997Country of Origin: USARuntime: 102 minDirector: Siu-Hung LeungWriter: Keith

Double Down

Year: 2005Rated: N/ARelease Date: N/ACountry of Origin: USARuntime: 93 minDirector: Neil BreenWriter: Neil BreenStarring: Neil

The Suckling

Year: 1990Rated: N/ARelase Date: 12 Feb 1992Country of Origin: USARuntime: 89 minDirector: Francis TeriWriter: Francis