Fishing Frenzy – Free online game

Fish Frenzy FREE online games

Nice, quick, easy to play. If you’ve got a couple of minutes to kill and jsut want a quick arcade game you can get out of quick, give this a try! Try to angle as many fishes as possible, as every sea dweller gives you points.With the perfect timing you will manage it and catch the big fishes with the highest rating. Just keep attention to the sharks, they love the little sea creatures as well and try to steal your possible points. Use your bombs wisely and win the hunt! Party Game Place

Knights and Brides – Strategy Games on

Knights and Brides game

This game is a very welcomed surprise! I’m used to playing a lot of the arcade type games that offers, but I decided to try a strategy game for a change. I was amazed at the graphics. Everything from the intro to the gameplay. There numerous help screens that pan down as you progress telling you what options are available. Throughout the game there are little ‘gamelets’ that take you to different arcade style games like jousting. Here you use the money you’ve made to buy better equipment or give yourself an advantage psychologically. Try it and I think you’ll … Continue reading