Computer games: Oldies but Goodies

Sid Meier's Railrods - A classic game that still holds up

Over the last couple of years I’ve updated and reinstalled Windows several times on my desktop. This latest iteration was when I upgraded my motherboard and memory over the holidays. I started reloading some of the essential work related software like Visual Studio, Adobe Suite, and of course SQL Express. Once I get the work essentials done, I then look at what entertainment software I’m going to put back on my machine. In that process, something interesting happens. I find there is a handful of games that I repeatedly reinstall no matter what the age. They are timeless (IMHO) and … Continue reading

PC Gamer’s List Of Top 100 Games Leaves Off The Classics

The kids at PC Gamer posted a list of what they consider the top 100 games, then throw in the disclaimer that these are the best games today. They have some from the mid 90’s but most everything else is recent visual masturbation. They completely ignored the ground breakers, the innovators, and the pioneers. So, being a gamer that has seen them all since 1982, I’ve decided to add just a few of my favorites from the dawn of computer gaming. These would be on a TRUE list of the top 100 PC Games EVER. Kings Quest (1985) and King’s … Continue reading