Hacking It 90’s Style

It’s time once again for all Millenials to gather around the campfire and I, an Intenet tribal elder, will once again mesmerize you with tales passed down from Sysadmin to Sysadmin. For these are the continuing tales of the life force we call Internet spoken by those who were there to experience it many moons ago… (cue howling wolf). This hack had a good run in the early to mid 90’s and is seen occasionally in this day and age in the dial up world. It had to do with luring someone to a page that interested them and getting them to … Continue reading

What is the real definition of a Grognard?

Well, here it is, Saturday morning. I got Mystery Science Theater playing (Episode 509 “The Girl In Lover’s Lane”), which features one of my favorite character names, Big Stupid (aka Bix Dugan). Anyway, I use that time to also catch up on my favorite blogs while sipping the overpriced hot brown water they label as ‘coffee’ at QuickTrip. It was during my routine blog perusal that I caught someone describing a fellow gamer as a ‘Grognard’. Their reasoning for doing so was simply based on the fact that the person was over 40 and grumpy. I couldn’t believe this gross … Continue reading

Best and Worst Computer Hacking Films

War Games movie

I was watching a movie the other night that had such bad hacking ‘skills’ displayed that it was laughable. I thought that it would be a great idea for a post on my now defunct movie site but then I remembered that I could just post it here! So with that said I present to you my list of the best and worst hacking films of all time! Best Wargames (1983): The top of the list! What can you say about this movie other than marvel at it’s greatness. What’s that you say? You’re not convinced it’s the best… well … Continue reading

PC Gamer’s List Of Top 100 Games Leaves Off The Classics

The kids at PC Gamer posted a list of what they consider the top 100 games, then throw in the disclaimer that these are the best games today. They have some from the mid 90’s but most everything else is recent visual masturbation. They completely ignored the ground breakers, the innovators, and the pioneers. So, being a gamer that has seen them all since 1982, I’ve decided to add just a few of my favorites from the dawn of computer gaming. These would be on a TRUE list of the top 100 PC Games EVER. Kings Quest (1985) and King’s … Continue reading

Fishing Frenzy – Free online game

Fish Frenzy FREE online games

Nice, quick, easy to play. If you’ve got a couple of minutes to kill and jsut want a quick arcade game you can get out of quick, give this a try! Try to angle as many fishes as possible, as every sea dweller gives you points.With the perfect timing you will manage it and catch the big fishes with the highest rating. Just keep attention to the sharks, they love the little sea creatures as well and try to steal your possible points. Use your bombs wisely and win the hunt! Party Game Place

Phoenix Comicon 2016 Memories

What a great time! You look forward to it all year long and then when it gets here, it’s over so quickly! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted, and especially those that bought Linda’s beautiful Amigurumi dolls. She sold out of several designs so if you place an order on her website or on etsy, please allow a couple extra days to catch up. I want to thank Joel and his wife for stopping by with his Tom Servo, and a special thanks to someone I’ve known online for a couple of years and ran into accidentally at … Continue reading

Best Way To View Star Wars The Force Awakens

IMAX Theater for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It takes knowing someone in the movie theater biz, but Friday at 3AM I was treated to a semi-private (12 person) showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in an IMAX 3D theater. No lines, no crowds, no annoying theater idiots talking constantly about the consistencies and non-consistencies of the move compared to the books. No noise whatsoever… Except us discussing those same things. Spoiler alert: Someone in the movie dies!

Star Wars BB-8 Amigurumi

Star Wars BB-8 Amigurumi

Tweeters Amigurumi has just finished the new BB-8 droid featured in the upcoming Star Wars – The Force Awakens movie! This adorable crochet Amigurumi BB-8 is approx. 8″ tall with antennae. Raised panels and multi-colored paint add to the level of detail. BB-8 was an astromech droid who operated approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor. The droid was at one point operating in the desert of the planet Jakku. It had a domed head, similar to that of R2 series astromech droids, with the bulk of its body made up of a ball that the droid rolled on.

Things Computers Can Do In Movies and TV Shows

bat computer

I found this a while back and saved it to an old hard drive. I was recently cleaning house and came across this list which surprisingly still holds up for today’s TV shows. I don’t know who to credit but would love to know! If you watch just about any show that writes itself into a corner, or just has lazy writing, you always see a computer that is magically able to point them in the right direction within seconds. They are able to hack numerous ‘mainframes’, get addresses and personal information on anyone, and even access the most obscure data (“What … Continue reading