Rachel Maddow Victim Of Russian Hackers

Komrade Maddow is the latest victim of Rusian hackers On Tuesday, beloved liberal hero Rachel Maddow fell victim to another nefarious Russian hack when she was handed obviously forged papers revealing that Enemy of the State Trump had apparently paid taxes at a higher rate than celebrated party elites like our Lord and Savior His Majesty Barry Obama and longtime Socialist icon Bernie Sanders. The People’s Resistance and Instigation Kollective (PRIK’s) thought there was something fishy about these supposed ‘tax returns’ and the way the truth was twisted to make it look like glorious party leaders pay a lower tax percentage than … Continue reading

Komrade Franken Takes A Cue From Obamacare

Al Franken's Brain

Komrade Al Franken Says We Must Convict Sessions In Order To See If He’s Innocent Komrade Franken, friend of the People’s Resistance and Instigation Kollective (PRIK’s) , has taken a lesson from Frau Pelosi and demanded that his fellow Senators need to find Enemy of the State Jeff Sessions guilty of crimes against the Kollective. Taking a page from the Obamacare playbook, Komrade Franken has demanded that Sessions should be convicted in order to find out if he’s innocent. He was asked if it was even remotely possible that Sessions’ meetings with Russian Emissaries had to do with his official duties and responsibilities … Continue reading

Hollywood Claims Russia Hacked The Oscars

Russia Hacks the Oscars

Russia Blamed For Hacking The Oscars Hollywood’s brightest minds gathered and selected actor’s that had previously made money pretending to be cops, federal agents, and private investigators to get to the bottom of the Oscar’s biggest goof (next to giving Comrade Michael Moore an Oscar for Blowing For Columbine). After deliberating via cell phone from each of their limousine’s, the group decided that it was long time liberal scapegoat Russia that was responsible for turning their self-indulgent love-fest into the laughing stock of Sunday night television. “After all,” said professional pretend secret agent Matt Damon, “They hacked the election, therefore … Continue reading

Oberfuhrer Soros Promotes Komrade Moore

Michael Moore and George Soros

Oberfuhrer Soros Promotes Komrade Michael Moore to Propaganda Feldwebel In an effort to expand the message of the People’s Resistance and Instigation Kollective (P.R.I.K.’s), Oberfuhrer Soros promoted long time liberal propaganda filmmaker Comrade Michael Moore to Propaganda Feldwebel. Komrade Moore, known for misrepresenting people that don’t agree with him by editing and falsely quoting unsuspecting subjects he purports to be ‘documenting’, was pleased with his new role. “Just like the lies and misrepresentations in Blowing For Columbine, I plan on creating more phony documentaries to give simple-minded children a reason to act like they are oppressed or have something to bitch about… All in the … Continue reading