Read-A-Riff: Good Eating Habits

Another fine example of what people with no lives can do on a Saturday night. This is a Coronet short our group watched around 2012. In this one, I added sound effects for a little extra pizzazz. This educational short has some issues, besides the content. The film ends abruptly and is heavily scratched, but the riffs more than make up for the non-HD quality.

Read-A-Riff: Body Care And Grooming

Railing Kill on YouTube

Our latest riffing session put to film. Here’s the original short (cut down from it’s original 17 minute run-time) with the gang’s usual offering of immature and moronic commentary… And I wouldn’t have it ANY other way! BTW: If you like these video snippets, please ‘Like’ them on YouTube or leave a friendly comment. If you think they suck, please send me a note via the comment form and I’ll be sure to delete it! Just kidding… Please let me know what we can do to make them better (if anything).

Sticky: Railing Kill Read-A-Riff


So, what exactly is a ‘Read-A-Riff’?  It’s our way of riffing a short film without interfering with the audio. The reason for this medium is because that’s how I was raised… on B-Movie riffing. About 3 years ago I was introduced to a group called Riff-Club, formerly NoFadz (withazee). I was delighted to find a group of people that suffer from the same thing I’ve been living with for years and that is making fun of some really bad stuff. Every Saturday night we watch a hand-picked B-Movie and then riff the selection using a chat panel. We do this … Continue reading