Phoenix Comicon 2016 Memories

Phoenix Comicon 2016What a great time! You look forward to it all year long and then when it gets here, it’s over so quickly!

2016-2Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted, and especially those that bought Linda’s beautiful Amigurumi dolls. She sold out of several designs so if you place an order on her website or on etsy, please allow a couple extra days to catch up.

I want to thank Joel and his wife for stopping by with his Tom Servo, and a special thanks to someone I’ve known online for a couple of years and ran into accidentally at the show, Brian Smith (otherwise known as ‘Actorgeek’ on I say accidentally because as we talked, I mentioned that my life is pretty sad spending Saturday night’s watching B-Movies with a group of like minded individuals. Turns out, so did he. After naming our chat handles we realized we had been riffing online for a couple of years now but never met.2016-3

Great times had by all. See you next year!


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