Railing Kill and Tweeters Amigurumi at Phoenix Fan Fusion

Phoenix Fan Fusion booth location

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019

Another year, another Phoenix Fan Fusion (formerly Phoenix Comic Fest, formerly Phoenix Fan Fest, formerly Phoenix Comicon) and Railing Kill and Tweeters Amigurumi will be back with cool new stuff!

Last year we had great booth placement and thankfully we were able to secure the same spot . Come by and give us a shout and check out all the cool items from Railing Kill, Cecil B. DeMEME, and Tweeters Amigurumi.

As always, the Railing Kill portion will include Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, MST3K Drink Coasters, prints, and shirts. This year we have many new products and images. New this year are Big McLargehuge 15oz coffee mugs featuring my original prints including the Bots and Manos. I will also have new memes and shirts.

MST3K Coffee mugs

Tweeters Amigurumi will also be featuring some new and exciting, one of a kind hand made treasures like pillows, purses, and keychains featuring all your favorite characters.

Announcing The Saturday MST3K Trivia Challenge!

That’s right, we’re coming back with an MST3K Trivia Challenge. Last year it was a last minute idea but this year it will splattered all the internets and actually prepared in advance! I thought my knowledge was pretty good but I got skooled by a couple of fans during the contest. Exact time will be posted here and tweeted. This isn’t for the fanboy, this is for true Misties. An example question:

Name 2 regular season episode movies that were originally featured during their KTMA season?

We’ll be giving away some great prizes and freebies for all that enter. Please come by and try and stump me with your MST3K knowledge. I’ll give you a free window cling or globe sticker if you can do it. Make it a legitimate question and you’ll be a winner! WARNING: I have no life which explains the massive expanse of useless knowledge in my head. Anything MST3K or 80’s related… And some 70’s. That’s what’s stuck in my head. Good luck.

Phoenix Fan Fusion booth location

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