Railing Kill Radio Is Coming Soon – This Time I Mean IT!

Railing Kill Radio Is (Back) On The Air!

So, a few months ago I posted about Railing Kill Radio and it’s inaugural broadcast featuring a review of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 season on Netlfix. It was my goal back then to continue the PodCasts on (at least) a weekly basis. But, as usual, life gets in the way.

We have been preparing for Phoenix Comic Fest which was MUCH more of a chore than we thought with all the new merchandise and booth upgrades. Anyhoo, after Memorial Day we will be starting full force with our PodCast channel, Railing Kill Radio.

The PodCasts will mostly feature B-Movie reviews and recommendations. It’s been a long time since my four year marathon of B-Movie watching and riffing and it’s my goal to go back through my reference list and write complete reviews on the movies. There are so many gems in that pile that they NEED to be shared with the viewers.

I have not selected the first movie yet, but I’ve narrowed the list down to a few. If you guys have a suggestion, please let me know.

In the meantime, if you plan on coming to Phoenix Comic Fest, visit our booth! If not, you can check out our creations at:

Crochet dolls pop-culture

Pop-Culture MEMEs

2 thoughts on “Railing Kill Radio Is Coming Soon – This Time I Mean IT!

    1. Hey there lalobagirl, no special anything needed. It will be hosted on YouBroadcastNetwork so you can listen for free on any device at any time! I’ll post links and info when we finally get the next one up there the first week or two of June.

      Have a great 3-day weekend! 🙂

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