Best Of Barry Obumble – Part Four

Please note: This is not a political forum. I don’t care who or what you vote for. If you’re so thin-skinned that words or images hurt you, go away now and save us both some aggravation.

Here’s a collection of general political cartoons:

Remember when Obumble was on Mythbusters?

mythbusters - Copy

BFH_whats_the_diff - Copy

budgetdeal - Copy

dogsass - Copy

drdonothing - Copy

hawaii50 - Copy

iron chef - Copy

lastsupper - Copy

michelleballs - Copy

michelletrash - Copy

obamaanger - Copy

Who can forget the embarrassment of seeing our ‘leader’ riding a bike.

obamabike - Copy

obamacrazy - Copy

Remember the good ol’ days when Obumble’s deficit was only $13 trillion? Oh, back then they also reported the REAL unemployment number, not one ‘adjusted’ for the factually challenged.


Who can forget the BP oil spill incident?





Remember when Obumble and Democrats asked Americans to give donations to them instead of buying gifts for stupid things like birthday’s and weddings? Wow, what great people!



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