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Best Of Barry Obumble – Part One

Please note: This is not a political forum. I don’t care who or what you vote for. If you’re so thin-skinned that words or images hurt you, go away now and save us both some aggravation.

After 8 disastrous years, our Glorious Leader’s work of knocking this country down a few pegs is coming to an end. In retrospect, here is a collection of satirical cartoons and photoshopped findings I’ve collected over the years:


Remember when Obumble went to Copenhagen as the great representative of our country and was going to bring the Olympics to Chicago?Let’s just say he failed miserably…




Who can forget Obumble’s pastor, Jeremiah “Godamm America” Wright. What a great role model for a future American president.




Let’s all remember fondly how Obumble and HorsefaceKerry skillfully negotiated with the Iranians… Who have since broken every single promise they ever made to those two buffoons.

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