Best Of Barry Obumble – Part Three

Please note: This is not a political forum. I don’t care who or what you vote for. If you’re so thin-skinned that words or images hurt you, go away now and save us both some aggravation.

Here are some cartoons featuring key figures that made the news over the last eight years. Who can forget Bawny Fwank, who Democrats allowed he and his boyfriend to run a male prostitution ring out of their home? Or what about Piggy West who was so horribly offended at Arizona’s SB1070 law that she forgot what states are on the border… Including her own!

While not running a male brothel out of his home, Bawny Fwank worked part time at the TSA


Ah yes, Robert “Sheets” Byrd. Isn’t it strange that the party that claims to support and work for the rights of minorities elects the former head (or Grand Kleenex or whatever they’re called) of the KKK as their Senate Majority Leader? Oh, the hypocrisy is strong in this one.


Janet Napolota-Knownothing… Useless as a Governor, useless as a… Wait, what was she again?



Ah yes, Elizabeth “Cherokee Cheekbones” Warren. Remember when she claimed she was Indian because of her “high cheekbones”? I guess to liberals they all look alike.


Sandra “MattressBack” Fluke. Who can forget this shining example of liberalism when she toured the country demanding tax payers fund her birth control (and other things apparently).

fluke mattress


Alan “ShitForBrains” Grayson… ‘Nuff said


Who can forget when Janet Napolita-knowwnothing took out Kagan when she got confirmed to the Supreme Court?


Kagan and her twin


Raul Grihalva


And finally, Piggy West, who tried to lecture us all on how the border didn’t need security, but apparently needed geography lessons for herself. Y’know… cuz Milwaukee is on the border and has it’s finger on the pulse of border issues.


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