Battleground World War II By Easy Eight

Battleground WWII Game by Easy Eight

Battleground WWII Game by Easy EightWe started playing this game in 2012 after one of us (me ) finally forked over the money so we could try something new. I went ahead and bought the rules set and miniatures direct from Easy Eight.

Of course, before you can play any tabletop game you have to have the figures and the terrain ready to go. This was the only disappointing thing about the process. The figures were very cartoony and not detailed at all. On the bright side, I tend to not spend a lot of time painting figures that aren’t going to turn out well no matter how skilled the painter, which meant we would be that much closer to actually playing the game itself.

The game rules were very clear and easy to understand. Our initial game started off with 8 players, each in command of a small squad of men (Axis and Allies). We played it on a large gaming table and set the scenario where the Americans had to steal a truck from a small German encampment. We added certain timed events such as an Allied tank reinforcement showing up after turn 10.

The game started out with both sides making some great moves, and the rules made it easy to slide us into the groove of this system. The markers and templates provided were again easy to use and understand. The only time the rules were consulted was when we actually didn’t know how something was to be resolved or calculated, not because of squabbles about rule interpretation.

The game ended on an incredibly fun and somewhat humorous note. When the Allied tank arrived after turn 10, the Axis all decided to run into the wooden shack that was placed at the center of their camp, giving them full field of fire view of the truck they were defending. The tank however fired a shell at the structure, resulting in the wooden building actually exploding, causing major damage and death for all the occupants inside. Each soldier inside had damage rolls and modifiers applied to them, resulting in instant death or immobility. This made the taking of the truck incredibly easy after that.

The experiences with the game continued for a few years. It’s a great game that can be played at a much more relaxed pace and tone and not at the hyper-sensitive level that some games like Warhammer 40k can invoke. We always enjoyed playing it and even reach back into the archives to play this gem again a couple of times a year.

Sadly, it seems the publisher is no longer in business. Rule sets can still be purchased via eBay and sometimes on Amazon. If your interested, keep an eye out on these resources (or others) and one may pop up over time. It is a highly recommended game for fans of the genre looking to have a more relaxed, fun filled game experience.

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  1. The game is being reprinted by Syr Hobbs.

    more importantly you do not need to use the figures that were sold with the game.. the company initially did not make soldiers. you can use ANY ww2 figures in any scale you like. when my friends and i played this we played at 15mm scale as the tanks were cheaper.. its too bad you are a games workshop sort of gamer or you would have known that the rules never dictate the miniatures..

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