The Unofficial Mystery Science Theater 3000 Book of Debbie

Over the long and distinguished career of Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of the running gags in the show was a reference to a woman named ‘Debbie’. The name was used generically on some riffed characters, but was also used explicitly when describing certain acts seen in a particular movie.

MST3K Last Picture ShowThe origins are described in the MST3K Episode Guide. According to Mary Jo Pehl:

“Paul (Chaplin) occupies the cube adjacent to mine, and I find it’s in my best interest to eavesdrop on his on his endless personal phone calls(which are relentlessly peppered with phrases like ‘We got so high’ or ‘we were so hammered’ or ‘Debbie. Don’t be mad. Debbie.Debbie. C’mon Debbie. Debbie. Debbie‘.)

What follows is the compiled list (originally found on the nofadz website) containing all known ‘Debbie’ references that the club members could find. Please comment if you have more!

# Movie Quote Episode
1 San Francisco International Hey stay away from Debbie Man, she’s private stock! 614
2 Devil Doll/Wild rebel I put my fist through a plate glass window for you, Debbie! 818&207
3 The Undead You’re in *my* grave, Debbie 806
4 Final Justice The audience is facing this way, Debbie 1008
5 Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders “But not you, Debbie! You can’t give me a child!” 1003
6 The Creeping Terror I’m finally gonna marry Debbie! 606
7 Soultaker I’m Debbie! 1001
8 The Phantom Planet Everyone gets one Skittle… ONE, Debbie! 902
9 Invasion of the Neptune Men Oh and Deb says hello! 819
10 The Creeping Terror Oh, Hi Debbie! Good to see you 606
11 Jack Frost “Ah, now I can see that Debbie girl!” 813
12 Riding with Death “So hold all my calls, Debbie.” 814
13 Deadly Mantis It wasn’t a Gale that wrecked this shack, it was a Debbie 804
14 Horror of Party Beach Debbie, why don’t you sit in back… oh, OK.” 817
15 Prince of Space Put Debbie on hold for me!” 816
16 Space Mutiny “Deb, do me a favor, can you associate produce? Theeenks!” 820
17 Space Mutiny Forget it, D—- [indistinct]! Let her go.” Crow responds, “My name’s not Debbie!” 820
18 The Wild World of Batwoman “Stop looking at my butt, Debbie!” 515
19 Giant Spider Invasion “The shroud of Debbie!” 810
20 Firemaidens of outer space “…Debbie’s got this eyeshadow–ow!” “All I said was Deb might dye her hair!” 416
21 The Thing That Couldn’t Die My Dearest Debbie…” 805
22 Escape 2000 -“…like a Debbie 705
23 Invasion of the Neptune Men “As Debbie goes marching home again. Huraha! Hurah! Will buy her a panty girdle then…” 819
24 Horrors of Spider Island No– no! I wanna be put by Debbie….” 1011
25 Escape 2000 Debbie, I hear ya callin 705
26 The Mole People I don’t know, did you ask Debbie?” 803
27 Invasion of the Neptune Men Oh, Debbie!” 819
28 Hobgoblins It’s Debbie Scum, one of the Scum girls!” 807
29 The Projected Man Mrs. Debbie Frankenstein.” 901
30 Hercules And one day he ran into an Amazon he knew from the islands, this ‘Debbie’. Pretty soon Debbie was calling him at home all hours, and driving past his house and stuff, all the time. 502
31 The Mole People Hey Debbie, hey Verna.  (as the serving girls carry food past a guard) 803
32 The Magic Voyage of Sinbad “…Go see Debbie…?” 505
33 Racket Girls “Sorry Deb, I just can’t find your earring.” 616
34 The Screaming Skull “They drowned…in an accident.” “Hi Debbie!” 912
35 The Magic Voyage of Sinbad “That– Debbie? Yes, okay, I’ll call her Debbie. Hello… Debbie.” 505
36 Samson Vs The Vampire Women Oh god, those bitchy vampires Jennifer and Debbie are here! 624
37 Bloodlust as the two women flee the jungle: “The Defiant Debs!” 607
38 Samson Vs The Vampire Women I am so sure, Debbie gets to be queen when she’s been asleep for five centuries I mean like I worked the float and everything! 624
39 Red Zone Cuba “Hi! I’m here to relieve Deb!” 619
40 Night of the Blood Beast “Clayton Deborah Susan Forrester you’ve ruined it for me again!” 701
41 Hamlet “Hey, how ya doin’ Debbie?” 1009
42 Code Name Diamond Head Crow, as security guard checks bad guys’ i.d.: “Let’s see, uh… Sharon Wilkerson, Debbie Johnson. ‘Kay, go right in, ladies!” 608
43 Horrors of Spider Island “Debbie goes immediately into vacation mode!” 1011
44 The Incredibly Strange Creatures.. “Debs you better not upstage me this time!” 812

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  1. Why did you choose to leave out attributions for contributors? Also, did you get permission to use the “Book of Debbies”?

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