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Vote Now For A LEGO Mystery Science Theater Set

When it comes to Mystery Science Theater figures, there aren’t very many. You have to look to the fans that have created everything from Amigurumi dolls to headboards.

Well, no longer… At least if there are enough votes cast for LEGO to create a Mystery Science Theater set that includes the bots, the hosts and protagonists, the famous hallway sequence, and the projection room.

Mystery Science Theater 300 LEGO set

If you would like to see this idea come to fruition, go to  the LEGO Ideas web page and cast your vote!

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2 Responses to Vote Now For A LEGO Mystery Science Theater Set

  1. Well, that certainly is cool….

    They got my vote !

    • Beavis says:

      I love the ones of the mads. My wife’s finishing the prototypes for her Amigurumi dolls of the new cast. Coming Soon 🙂

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