Attention Phoenix Comic Fest Visitors

Looking For Tweeters Amigurumi? Well then... CLICK HERE

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Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 Thank You

Amigurumi Dolls From Tweeters Amigurumi

What an awesome time! So many people came by our booth to chat and share some thoughts, and for that we say Thank You! A special thanks to our old friends that visit us year after year! We had a Mystery Science Theater 3000 trivia contest and was amazed that not only are there people with as much silly MST3K facts in their head as I have, but even more! We saw some great costumes, great T-Shirts, and of course great people. Thanks again and we will see you all at Phoenix Comi… Fan… Pop… a-thon or whatever the hell … Continue reading

Railing Kill At Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

#PCF Phoenix Comic fest booth location

We can’t believe it’s been a year already! #PCF Phoenix Comic Fest (formerly Phoenix Comicon) is back and ready for the fans. This year we have great booth placement. Come by and give us a shout and check out all the cool items from Railing Kill, Cecil B. DeMEME, and Tweeters Amigurumi. The Railing Kill portion will include Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, MST3K Drink Coasters, prints, and shirts. New this year is my “Manos: The Hands Of Fate” Shirt design. It is also available as a print framed and ready for hanging or desk display. I’m trying to … Continue reading

Railing Kill Radio Is Coming Soon – This Time I Mean IT!

Railing Kill Radio Is (Back) On The Air! So, a few months ago I posted about Railing Kill Radio and it’s inaugural broadcast featuring a review of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 season on Netlfix. It was my goal back then to continue the PodCasts on (at least) a weekly basis. But, as usual, life gets in the way. We have been preparing for Phoenix Comic Fest which was MUCH more of a chore than we thought with all the new merchandise and booth upgrades. Anyhoo, after Memorial Day we will be starting full force with our PodCast channel, … Continue reading

B-Movie Review: Zombie 4 – After Death

Zombie 4 After Death - B Movie

Beavis’s Movie Memories In retrospect, I should have watched this movie before watching Zombie 5: Killing Birds because it would help explain absolutely nothing. This episode takes place on a deserted island, as opposed to Zombie 5 where the action takes place somewhere else, as evidenced by the fact there is a hospital, University, and a highway system. The movie starts out with a band of researchers who track down a local witch doctor on the island. Apparently, the researchers were unable to find a cure for the Witch Doctor’s wife and daughter fast enough and they died. There is … Continue reading

Read-A-Riff: Good Eating Habits

Another fine example of what people with no lives can do on a Saturday night. This is a Coronet short our group watched around 2012. In this one, I added sound effects for a little extra pizzazz. This educational short has some issues, besides the content. The film ends abruptly and is heavily scratched, but the riffs more than make up for the non-HD quality.

Read-A-Riff: Body Care And Grooming

Railing Kill on YouTube

Our latest riffing session put to film. Here’s the original short (cut down from it’s original 17 minute run-time) with the gang’s usual offering of immature and moronic commentary… And I wouldn’t have it ANY other way! BTW: If you like these video snippets, please ‘Like’ them on YouTube or leave a friendly comment. If you think they suck, please send me a note via the comment form and I’ll be sure to delete it! Just kidding… Please let me know what we can do to make them better (if anything).

Brown Family “Hero” Sheriff Not What He Seems

Credit to the Facebook group Alaskan Bush People Exposed for researching and allowing me to reprint their findings here. Oh you Brownklownz… Is there no end to your bullshit stories and claims to fame? Do you realize that most people weren’t home-skooled by a penniless grifter and a dead-behind-the-eyes high school dropout and are able to perform basic research to uncover your den of lies? Case in point, the family “hero” Texas sheriff M.K. Brownie Brown. Back in December, 2016, during the first “Bullshit Christmas” Special, we learned about the family legend from Scami: Scami spins a tale of Brownklown … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap – A Bush Christmas

OH BOY! The shitfest we know as Alaskan Bullshit People is having another Christmas episode! Both their fans will be SO excited. Don’t get your magic pantry bowl out just yet, it’s a lot of rehashed scraps from seasons past. Kudos to ParkSlop for making it LOOK like Mutt, NoDuh, and Gaybe gave enough shits to be there and contribute, but in a rare moment of clarity they made the correct choice to not be a part of this shameless scam any longer. America’s favorite Sheriff, NoDuh, did not make an appearance. He is currently practicing his chosen profession of … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap S07:E08 Blazing A New Trail

Hey, it’s time for the all new, big, action packed 2-hour season finale of Alaskan Bullshit People! Actually, it’s about twenty minutes of new stuff surrounded rehashed bullshit and flashbacks. This episode is called Blazing A New Trail. Since the Brownklownz are in Colorado I’m guessing it was a different kind of blazing 😉 Let’s get started! The Brownklownz try and keep Mr. Crapcake from getting into the car. He doesn’t know how lucky he is. Next, Asa spends five minutes telling us what we’re going to see in the next two hours. Why? We’re watching the Godamn show why do … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap S07:E07 A New Chapter

Alaskan Bush People Bear leaves a sign in Browntown

NOTE: There were some changes made to the timeline comments. My math was off. I apologize and have corrected it. Can you believe the bullshit is almost over? Next week is the big two hour season (and hopefully series) finale! Until then, we’ve had to sit through another ParkSlop gem. In the opening scene, Bore, Acidrain, and BirdBrain are still at the filming location wrapping up for their big farewell tour. The chuds want to leave a sign so that future peoples will know the Brownklownz were there. Bore makes a barely legible sign that they hang up high in a … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Living Large In Beverly Hills

For all the short-bus riding, helmet wearing, window licking fans of this shitshow that think this poor family needs their help, take a look at this! Thanks to Social Media, online groups and forums, and some not-so-bright Brown’s, we see that they are living it up in style at the Beverly Hills Hotel (about $1400 a night) and getting expensive spa treatments. What about their mother in her time of need? Screw that, this hotel has a BUFFET! See more on twitter (Y’know, that thing they never heard of because they lived wild in the bush and were only recently … Continue reading