Oberfuhrer Soros Promotes Komrade Moore

Michael Moore and George Soros
Puffington Host

Michael Moore and George Soros

Oberfuhrer Soros Promotes Komrade Michael Moore to Propaganda Feldwebel

In an effort to expand the message of the People’s Resistance and Instigation Kollective (P.R.I.K.’s), Oberfuhrer Soros promoted long time liberal propaganda filmmaker Comrade Michael Moore to Propaganda Feldwebel.

Komrade Moore, known for misrepresenting people that don’t agree with him by editing and falsely quoting unsuspecting subjects he purports to be ‘documenting’, was pleased with his new role.

“Why do people always confuse ME with that fat, retarded asshole Michael Moore?”

“Just like the lies and misrepresentations in Blowing For Columbine, I plan on creating more phony documentaries to give simple-minded children a reason to act like they are oppressed or have something to bitch about… All in the name of  ‘journalism’ and promoting the liberal cause.”

He spoke to a massive crowd of at least a dozen people (three were confused thinking it was a personal appearance from South Park’s Eric Cartman, the others were hired by Oberfuhrer Soros). After lecturing the crowd on the evils of capitalism and how great a global Socialist utopia would be, he shuffled his enormous carcass to an awaiting limo and whisked back to his luxury penthouse in Manhattan.

Feldwebel Moore’s office will be located in the second stall from the left in the Arby’s restroom at 14th and K streets in Washington, DC.

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